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    weird weird thread.....

    I wonder how long Jose needs to be gone for people to stop pining for him? I was hoping that it would be over with fairly quickly if the team was winning with Gay (which it is) but I suppose the random Jose love affair comment is bound to come up over the next 2 years.
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      NoPropsneeded wrote: View Post
      He is trolling guys. When people make threads and don't reply after like 10 people reply to it saying its stupid, you know its a classic case of trolling.
      No I was out of the country I am preparing my response.
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        toebeesaw wrote: View Post
        I really think your evaluation of talent is off. I can't understand how adding Gay doesn't make our wings better. Although his shooting could be better his ability to create his own shot, stretch the floor, play above the rim, rebound, & defend make him a complete wing. Last time the raps had someone like that was Tracy McGrady. Gay is a significant upgrade. I think every Gm in the league would take the current roster as opposed to the roster that started the season.
        I said Gay is the best player on the team and he makes the team better for sure. But if you look at his poorer games like Memphis and the knicks it obvious that his range is a weakness. The same can not be said of Anderson. But lets not get it twisted.

        The real point of this thread is Calderon.

        His absence is a huge addition by subtraction. In the Atlantic he is totally incapable against the other guards late in games.
        Even Felton

        He would get beat off the bounce Amir would step in to help and it would leave someone open... it has been that way for years. Did you notice every time they played two guards who cover the PG? It was usually to camouflage Calderon's inability against Tony parkeror John wall... add Lillard to that list.

        The Raptors were never even going to be a decent defensive team no matter how many they scored as long as Calderon was the guy. PS defense wins championships.
        "I may be wrong ... but I doubt it"