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Amir for MIP?

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  • Amir for MIP?

    If the Raptors make the playoffs you got to give some extra props to Amir. Love to see him being recognized!

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    Most Improved Player of the Year: A Raptor in the mix?

    Wojnarowski Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

    NBA's most improved Nov/Dec to Jan/Feb: Toronto's Amir Johnson. Over 53% in scoring (12.1), rebounds (9.1), blocks (1.7). Maybe MIP of year?
    Adrian Wojnarowski ‏@WojYahooNBA

    MIP's interesting this year. Amir Johnson. Paul George. Larry Sanders. Earl Clark. G. Vasquez. Different levels of players, different leaps.
    I wouldn't give the award to Amir but certainly nice to see him in the discussion. I would put Vasquez, George, and maybe Sanders ahead of him.


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      You beat me by a minute!



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        Amir JOHNSON!!!!


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          Matt52 wrote: View Post
          I wouldn't give the award to Amir but certainly nice to see him in the discussion. I would put Vasquez, George, and maybe Sanders ahead of him.
          Go Amir Go!


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            I'm glad that they are mentioning Amir Johnson but we all know it's going to be Paul George.


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              Can't believe there's no mention of Jrue Holiday. Still giving the nod to George because of how big he's been to a possible contending team, but Holiday is right up there.
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                Vasquez has really surprised me. He's kind of like another Andre Miller.
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                  As good as Vasquez has been, this has to be Paul George. Vasquez went from nobody to a good player. George went from a good player to a star player.
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                    As an unrepentant Amir Homer, I don't think MIP is enough... #Amir4MVP!

                    Mostly kidding, I think that Amir is our most consistent player, I also think that if we tallied the "Quick Reaction" score cards for the year Amir would have the best score.

                    I can't see Amir getting the MIP nod because he doesn't score enough points. He's efficient on offense and does a lot of everything else, but just doesn't get enough double doubles for people to really take notice. That said, I'm getting more and more comfortable with Johnson as our starting PF of the future. Sure we grab a PF whose better than amir if one comes along, but I think Amir has shown he has the ability to be an effective starting PF in the league. Hopefully, he'll develop some chemistry with JV because the big to big assists from Amir to Davis were always great to see.
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                      We probably would've seen Amir's improvement sooner if the Davis/Amir redundancy was addressed sooner....