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Anyone an ESPN Insider? Raptors article I'd really love to read

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  • Anyone an ESPN Insider? Raptors article I'd really love to read

    As anyone who loves both the Raptors and ESPN will know, it's very rare that the Raps get any attention from ESPN. I'm on their site everyday praying that by some chance an in depth article about Toronto will surface. Usually I get nothing but a really poorly written game recap and nothing more.

    That all changed today! About 2 hours ago an article about the Toronto Raptors titled "Toronto's Turnaround" was published by Joe Kaiser on Unfortunately for me, a native Torontonian now going to university in Calgary, This is an ESPN insider artcile and I do not have the kind of money to become a regular ESPN Insider, even though it's easily the first thing on my wishlist every year.

    This is why I come to you, my fellow Raptors fans of Raptors Republic, could someone who is an ESPN insider possibly look up the article for me an copy and paste it here? Or if you're morally against doing that, could you at the very least summerize it for me in as much detail as you'd like, the more the better of course.

    Thank you, I really appreciate it!


    P.S. Here's a link to the article itself:

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    Doesn't say much, just that they are 7-3 since acquiring Gay and 19-14 since that terrible start. Also that this is a big week for their playoff chances.


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      here ya go (not too exciting)

      The red-hot Toronto Raptors look to continue their winning ways with an opportunistic schedule that could have them inching closer to the playoffs by the end of the week.

      Coming off of Friday's win over New York, the Raptors (23-33) are now 19-14 since getting off to the horrible 4-19 start and are tied with Philadelphia four games behind Milwaukee for the No. 8 and final seed in the Eastern Conference playoff picture.

      Toronto is 7-3 since making the big trade for Rudy Gay, who poured in a season-high 32 points in the winning effort against the Knicks. What's more encouraging is that the Raptors have a good chance to continue their winning ways with games against Washington tonight and Cleveland on Wednesday, then have two big tests later in the week with a Friday home date against Indiana followed by a critical game at Milwaukee on Saturday.

      If the Raptors have any chance to keep their playoff hopes alive, we have to believe that this is a week where they have to find a way to string together three wins.


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        that's the whole thing


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          I don't see the raps making the playoffs. I felt that way even before the Wizards game. I went through the bucks and raps schedules and briefly looked at their schedules vs. other playoff teams. If the raps beat the bucks both games and the both beat all non-playoff teams and lose to all playoff teams than the bucks end up 37-45 and the raps 36-46, and that assumed a win against washington. Although they've got a chance, their margin of error is too small, and they can't afford to drop wins to teams below them, even if those teams are playing well.
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            You know, insider isn't very expensive.
            Welp, that sucked.