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Jarett Jack: What happened when he was a Raptor?

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    Jack is a perfect backup in GS and at times their 2 PG lineup (Curry and Jack) can be really effective as both of them play really well off the ball.
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      Halifax Raps Fan wrote: View Post
      He was OK fore us, not great. IMHO he too often looked for his own shot while JC looked for others'. No offense, but Golden State can have him.
      I also don't like that after the Bosh trade, he became more selfish and more lazy. He played absolutely atrociously before getting traded away that season. He checked out before the season started, clearly unwilling to be on a lottery-bound team and moping even more because his buddy left or something...The only guy who played his way out of town more was VC


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        Contract year aside, some players are simply better fits in different situations. Had we kept Jack, there's no saying he would've put up the same numbers we're seeing this year.

        Completely different team = completely different circumstances.


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          white men can't jump wrote: View Post
          The only guy who played his way out of town more was VC
          Don't forget Turk


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            Nilanka wrote: View Post
            Don't forget Turk
            I never wanted Turk in the first place and he played pretty much exactly as I expected

            *VC was a legitimate franchise talent, even if probably suited to a 1B type role.
            *Jack had a reputation as a hardnosed competitor

            *Turk was a player who rarely made the most of his talents except for a couple of good years in Orlando...and our team at the time desperately lacked D and toughness. To this day the rationale behind the signing baffles me. At least the Kapono signing, BC and many others thought a sniper would be a good piece on the team, so it was just the player not working out so well.


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              I was always a Jack fan since his days at Georgia Tech. I thought he played well here, but like Nilanka said, different team = different circumstances.
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