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    Yeah.. I'm really starting to think this team got over-confident, over their head, and too comfortable too soon. It's clearly telling, because the bench has been the reason for our losses. They come out with no focus, and with no offensive principles to run off of. It's quite infuriating watching Lucas, Anderson, and Bargnani throw up jack shit, or be absolute no factors on the defensive end.

    I think we should start playing for next season, we aren't going to catch Milwaukee. Play Ross, play JV, play Acy, shut down Andrea, and let the veterans help in practice and in the locker room.
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      Axel wrote: View Post
      The answer is simple, the team isn't there yet. They are still another year or two from being there. They need to develop young players and incorporate new players and have been changing on the fly. The off-season will certainly help, but experience and talent will get it done in the end. 2 years away from being a solid playoff team. (For clarification, a solid playoff team in the East is battling for the 4-5 spot. Squeaking into the 8th spot doesn't really count unless it's the West)
      They can start by re-evaluating their backups...... the cavaliers game could have been a game they would have easily won.