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Raptors seriously needs a new coach!!! The Van Gundy brothers are available

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  • DoNDaDDa
    bring in starting to loose faith in DC's ability to be a legit NBA head coach...he may be a polar opposite to Triano but the one thing they both have in common is there both better assist. coach's
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  • Raptors seriously needs a new coach!!! The Van Gundy brothers are available

    This team is not going anywhere with Dwane Casey. These past 2 games alone should get him fired. Not to mention all the 4th quarter blown leads this season.

    Couple of things:

    - Bargnani tonight played 15mins most of them in the 4th. Finished with 1rb and 1ast. Defensively he's a liability so if he's not hitting shots what's the point of keeping him on the floor?

    - How does Jonas Valanciunas not get into the game down the stretch? 5pts 8rbs 3blks in 24 mins.

    - Ross didn't even play tonight. This guy before the Gay trade was one of the most effective player off the bench and now he's not even getting any playing time.

    - Raps offence this year reminds me alot of the Kevin O'neill days. Just iso every plays. No ball movement whatsoever. Very predictable.

    - Plays after timeout is non existent all season long.

    - Substitution pattern is a mess

    There's a lot good coaches available. Jeff and Stan Van Gundy just to name a few. This Raps team in my opinion needs an experienced coach. A guy that's been to the playoffs, a guy that has a winning resume. This is not a shot on Casey, he's a good guy but i don't think he's an NBA caliber coach.