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    I think Colangelo needs to make another serious roster re-tooling after this season. Not as big as the last 2 years but there are 4-5 players on this current team that i don't want to see back next year.


    Bargnani - Duh.
    Lucas - I'd bring him back as a 3rd string PG. But as a backup? NO.
    Kleiza - Raps need to use the amnesty on him.
    Gray - There are better backup C options out there.
    Anderson - Not a fan of his chucking ways. And his 1 on 1 game. Just let him walk away.


    Millsap - This guy should be the Raps #1 target in the offseason.
    Foye/Augustin - Any of these two would be great as a backup PG. Augustin is my first choice though.
    Korver - Raps need a 3pt specialist.
    I'd fill the rest of the roster with veteran players just like what Glen Grunwald has done with the Knicks this year. I feel like this Raps team lacks veteran leadership.
    Mamba Mentality