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Dwane Casey on Bargnani/JV substitution

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    white men can't jump wrote: View Post
    I'll just say that Dwane Casey has lost a lot of respect from me in the last few days....

    I'll also say he can get it back if he just starts delivering a consistent message for the rest of the season.

    Finally, I hope he doesn't get fired before BC does....BC has made the rosters and picked the last 2 coaches. Much more blame goes on him. I'm fine with Casey getting to stay next season with a clean slate and roster that should expect no change. I don't know how he fits long-term, but he's never actually coached a team with several talented players and few holes/weaknesses (I mean this especially defensively, where even now JV/Amir/Gay/Demar/Lowry have looked really impressive as a defensive unit).
    +1 definitely

    But why does anyone have to be fired? Why can`t we just run with what we`ve got for the next few years and see what happens?


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      T.Dot wrote: View Post
      We've known for years that defense isn't his specialty. Casey just has to manage the substitutions effectively so it could work for everybody.
      Yes, his substitutions have me perplexed at times. But in Bargnani's case, I think they were bang on.

      First Half
      When Andrea was not bringing it, Casey took him out - effectively benching AB. Good call on Casey's part. Total time (for Andrea) on the floor => 5:35 minutes.

      Second Half
      With 10:11 remaining in the 4th Quarter, AB subs in. Toronto goes from 11 point deficit [82-71], to down only one possession [93-90] - with less then 2 minutes to go. The last two minutes went like this:

      - Lowry jump shot (missed)
      - Lowry rebound
      - Rudy slam dunk (2 pts)
      - Rudy Hook shot (missed)
      - Bargnani Rebound
      - Derozan Turnover
      - Derozan lay-up (2 pts)
      - Derozan running jump shot (missed)
      - Lowry foul
      - Johnson replaces Anderson
      - Lowry 3 point shot (missed)
      - Rudy 3 point shot (missed)

      Rudy - 42:35 minutes
      Amir - 40:46
      Demar - 43:42
      Kyle - 33:41

      Granted, the Bench was awful ... but that's a lot of playing time.
      - First 46 minutes of play - Rudy/Amir/Demar/Kyle => .509 fg%
      - Final 2 minutes ---- .286

      By the end, our top Scorers had played TOO much, such that they didn't have much in the tank (at the end of the game). That goes to the Bench, which Andrea is a part of. But, that still doesn't justify "JV should have been there in the 4th Quarter". I think Casey is concerned about Jonas being affected by too much pressure - a concept other Coaches follow with Rookies as well.

      All that being said, Casey could have used Jonas in place of Amir, for a portion of the 4th Quarter. That would have given AJ some time to catch his breath, and be fresher in the 4th. Then again, the come-back appeared to be working, so what route is better?

      No come-back, no worrying about the finish. Make a come-back, but finish doesn't happen.

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        Bargs played 33 minutes and no rebounds. Is that even possible?
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          Balls of Steel wrote: View Post
          Bargs played 33 minutes and no rebounds. Is that even possible?
          It is...sort of. But besides that he didnt play too bad.


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            T.Dot wrote: View Post
            It is...sort of. But besides that he didnt play too bad.
            It was a bad day to have 0 rebounds, against the best rebounding team in the league. Just saying.
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              phez wrote: View Post
              teams already aware of how garbage bargs is, no one wants him, especially with his ridiculous contract. so in the end he (or colangelo) is just trying to save face from the embarrassment that is bargs. and in the end, its a lose lose situation for everybody.
              Both need to go.....