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Is Kyle Lowry the answer at the PG position??

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  • Is Kyle Lowry the answer at the PG position??

    Another mediocre performance tonight by Lowry. He's been average since the Calderon trade and really he's been average the whole year except for the first 5 games of the season. No playmaking skills, overrated defensively, likes to play hero ball, makes a lot of poor/dumb decisions on offense and on defense.

    Colangelo took a big gamble trading a potential lottery pick for an unproven PG and looks like it's going to bite him in the ass.

    If you look at Lowry's career, he's been a career backup. He was a backup in Memphis. Lost his starting job to Dragic in Houston. Lost his starting job to Jose earlier in the season. Now that he's getting the chance to prove that he's a starting caliber PG in this league he hasn't impressed. To me he's looking like your protoypical backup PG. A guy that is more suited as a backup PG but will show flashes from time to time.
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