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Filling the holes and getting ready for a playoff push next season

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  • Filling the holes and getting ready for a playoff push next season

    Originally i posted this on a different thread but i decided to make a new thread on this seeing as i haven't started a thread in a while. Anyways, if we truly want to make a run next year and make it to the playoffs as not only an 8th seed but a 7th or 6th, we need to upgrade the roster in certain positions for sure, there are a lot of holes that need to be filled. There are a TON of good FA this summer so it's a very good year to shop and fill out the roster with good solid bench players and solid starters(who can actually contribute consistently). We have 5 guys that are UFA this summer: Alan Anderson, Aaron Gray(Player option), LK(Player option), Pietrus, and Telfair. Of these 5, imo, we should keep Gray, and resign Telfair as a 3rd string pg, i'm kinda torn on LK because i love his toughness coming off the bench but he just can't stay healthy. Guys i wanna see gone are: AA, Pietrus, Bargnani, and Lucas. Maybe we could package Lucas and Bargs in a deal to bring in some picks and cash(can't see these two netting much more). So then we're left with:

    PG: Lowry,---, Telfair
    SG: DeRozan, Ross
    SF: Rudy, Fields
    PF: Amir,---, Acy
    C: Valanciunas, Gray

    Now for FA signings. Here's a list of FA's i want the Raps targeting:

    Insurance Wings:(in case of injury)
    Dahntay Jones
    Anthony Morrow
    Reggie Williams

    3rd Big:(only if Starting PF is not aquired)
    Mo Speights
    Zaza Pachulia
    Brandan Wright
    Emeka Oakafor

    Backup PG:*
    C.J Watson
    D.J Augustin
    Beno Udrih

    Starting PF:*
    Elton Brand
    Al Jefferson

    *- Positions in need of upgrade

    Let me know what you guys think. What positions really need an upgrade? What can we get for Bargs? Who should we target?