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Hypothetically if we get top 3 pick who would you draft?

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    I'd take Nerlens Noel for the same reason I wanted Drummond. You can pair him up with JV to create an area of dominance on your team and then build around them.


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      TRex wrote: View Post
      Myck Kabongo would likely be still on the board around 10-12. Not hyping the guy because he's Canadian but he's a very exciting young PG to watch with tremendous upside.
      I'd love to pick Kabongo up at the tail end of the first round, early 2nd round. His stock has plummeted the last two years. He is a true pass first point guard, who they could afford to bring along slowly.


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        Matt52 wrote: View Post
        Interesting perspective:
        That's exactly my sentiments, other then Noel, Shabazz (what a great name), and Mclemore this draft is quite boring, with a lot of gm's loathing the fact that they have to sign these players to contracts. This may be worse then 2006, and that is saying something.


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          I'd prefer Noel, Shabazz and Victor Oladipo
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