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Is everyone ready for the worst offseason ever?

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    phoenix_sinistre wrote: View Post
    Long time lurker here... been visiting this website for years now... and I just signed up to say that this man is my personal hero.
    i ask not for your respect... i am but a man.

    what i ask is that you respect women.. for without them, this world would be a cold vacuum of empty soulless circle jerks.

    respect every single aspect of their being.

    sometimes, with your grabby hands, suckling mouth, and creepy stares on the subway

    objectify them with as much love and respect as possible.


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      psrs1 wrote: View Post
      I have a different take on this. Raps desperately want to move ab and bulls seem intent in staying under the cap. The deal would make sense for both teams assuming MLSE willing to pay luxury tax. Boozer has some legitimate concerns but you cannot tell me we would not be much improved with boozer here and ab gone. Come on......
      We would be improved with Bargnani gone. Period. We do not need a Boozer in that deal to be better. And yes, Boozer would make us a better team for next year, I'm just not sure it's a good idea because I want JV getting as much time and as many touches as possible. He's the real deal. IF we plan on dumping Boozer's expiring contract in the summer of 2014 to allow us the space to go after a free agent then maybe it's worth it. But I don't want him here long term.


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        Reyaz123 wrote: View Post
        enough about drummond, good thing we didnt draft him after this
        A miss is a miss.

        I'm not terribly upset about not drafting him but this would not be the reason why.