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Top 10 greatest Raptors of all time??

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    Axel wrote: View Post
    I'll admit to being a Primo Brezec fan. He never got a fair shake from the Raps and could have produced for us. No argument with Kevin Willis being #1. Guy was a pro's pro.
    I never wanted Brezec to leave the team. The awesome hilarity of his interviews far outweighed any on-court deficiencies he had


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      heinz57 wrote: View Post
      I never wanted Brezec to leave the team. The awesome hilarity of his interviews far outweighed any on-court deficiencies he had
      Here's a classic of Primo from when he was newly traded to the Raptors:

      "Listen to Primoz Brezec speak English and you will notice something quite unique. Brezec certainly has a grasp of the language; however, he speaks a fluent “gangster-like” slang, complimented by his Slovenian accent.

      So why does the Raptor’s newest player sound like Snoop Dogg’s European brother? According to fellow Slovenian Rasho Nesterovic, this can be attributed to where he started his NBA career.

      “[Your English] depends on where you start in the NBA,” said Nesterovic. “I started in Minnesota, he started in Indiana. That’s a pretty tough organization to pick up English.”

      According to several sources, Primoz used the art of movies and rap music to master the language. In a recent interview, head coach Sam Mitchell was laughing at his newest player’s style of English.

      “Everything starts with gangsta and ends with pimp.” Mitchell said.“I don’t know who he was around or what movies he was watching [but] I don’t think my name is coach any more or Sam. It’s gangsta.”

      So what did Brezec have to say about his new head coach?

      “Sam’s gangsta too, man,” said Brezec. “He’s not scared, he trusts his players … he doesn’t take [anything] from anybody. If you do something wrong, I don’t have problem if you cuss me out … that’s how it should be.”


      Any player that refers to his coach as gangsta is awesome. Any 7 foot Euro white dude that does it, is legendary.
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        white men can't jump wrote: View Post
        top 10 desperate attempts at filling the C position...

        1. Zan Tabak
        2. Oliver Miller
        3. Eric Montross
        4. Sean Marks
        5. Carlos Rogers
        6. Rafael Araujo
        7. Patrick O'Bryant
        8. Garth Joseph
        9. Robert Archibald
        10. Nate Huffman

        ....there aren't enough spaces, this list could be longer

        *Sorry, not the list that was asked for, but I couldn't resist.
        Loren Woods
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          ebrian wrote: View Post
          Okay new list: Top 10 7-footers in Raptors history:

          1. Kevin Willis
          2. Andrea Bargnani
          3. Rasho Nesterovic
          4. Aaron Gray
          5. Hakeem Olajuwon
          6. Zan Tabak
          7. Loren Woods
          8. Eric Montross
          9. Mamadou N'Diaye
          10. Alexis Ajinca

          Those who didn't make the cut: Aleksandar Redothepick, Ed Stokes, Garth Joseph, Benoit Benjamin, Solomon Alabi, Nate Huffman, Primoz Brezec, Patrick O'Bryant

          One can argue that this list can also be used as a manifesto on why Raptors should stay away from 7 footers.
          This isn't a "top 10" list. It's just a list....


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            No love for Roko Ukic? lol
            What it do baybeeee!!


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