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GT: Raptorts @ Pistons 7:30 on SN1 - thank you JOSE #8

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  • GT: Raptorts @ Pistons 7:30 on SN1 - thank you JOSE #8

    Hello RR!

    I know it's tough times right now being a Raps fan, but I am optimistic about next year....anyways that's not the topic here, and this is all about paying homage to one of the best Raps in history: Jose Calderon. He was a pro throughout his career with the Raps, and it was sad to see him go (we got Rudy though!!).

    I will be going to the Pistons-Raps game tonight and due to my proximity to the court (close to Raps bench), I will be holding up a sign "THANK YOU JOSE" throughout the game. Class act and I hope he gets a big ovation when Detroit visits Toronto in the next few weeks.

    At first I was going to go with #letJONASplay, but that was a few weeks ago and he's getting a little more time now that the season's winding down (what the HELL were you thinking Casey? Gray???)

    Anyways, any other suggestions for Jose tribute signs? I still have the back of the poster to use if I want lol - would you bring a tribute to Jose sign if you were in my position RR?

    Go Raps! (playoffs next year - there's no way it can't happen)
    Your ex came by; you can call me Jonas Valanciunas, cause I'm the king of rebounds!

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    sign with us for mle this summer, bro.


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      I can't wait for Monday night and the huge ovation he's going to get. The huge ovation he BETTER get.


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        So calderon said he would like to come back is this a good thing or a bad thing? the PG controversy over the years got so tiring!

        thank you Jose for all you done no doubt an all time great Raptor probably #3 on that top 10 list..


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          oh man, if he somehow accepts being payed the MLE, I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIM BACK.
          The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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            Check out this article about Jose from the National Post today:

            Won't post the whole thing, but theres a GREAT quote in there from Sam Mitchell -
            Calderon was never a star. He was always a bit too conservative on offence and a bit too slow on defence to be considered one of the league’s best point guards. His shortcomings were often emblematic of his team’s shortcomings.

            But he put in a lot of time for the franchise, and it was never at half-speed.

            “When Jose got to a certain level, I had a rule: If I called a play and Jose called a play, you did what Jose said,” Mitchell said. “That’s my point guard. That’s my guy on the court. He ran the team.

            “You know why Jose had that kind of carte blanche with me? He [expletive] earned it.”

            Is it just me, or does anyone else get a little emotional thinking about Jose? Haha


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              The most classiest of Raptors. He will always get a cheer from me, but as a team I think they need to move on. Jose was good at what he did but was not exceptional.. ie, the team was losing with him at PG (and Detroit is doing the same as well).

              Lowry may not be the answer either but if a PG change is needed I would rather go after someone completely different.


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                according to my sources drummond is back tonight and starting!!! (lets just make this the game thread)


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                  akashsingh wrote: View Post
                  according to my sources drummond is back tonight and starting!!! (lets just make this the game thread)
                  Thats huge. JV better school him


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                    akashsingh wrote: View Post
                    lets just make this the game thread
                    Good call. Done and done.


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                      Mamba Mentality


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                        Pistons point guard Jose Calderon will play against his former team for the first time. Casey said his team will go right at him and try to attack him off the dribble.

                        Game time.


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                          Did Rautins just say Knight can play his natural position with Jose on the team???? ....


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                            Man Brandon Knight has been having a bad year I wouldnt be surprised if we lose Raps struggle against post presnence bigs


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                              I like starts like that. Raps play better from behind