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ESPN: Early Ride on the Coaching Carousel

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  • ESPN: Early Ride on the Coaching Carousel

    First off:

    Do you think Casey should be fired?

    If yes, continue on.......

    Gossip starting LATE this year it seems. Here is the run down on current coaching situation from ESPN Weekend Dime.

    This is what ESPN has to say about Toronto and Casey - although it is more about Colangelo:

    The Raptors are limping to the end of a frustrating fifth straight season out of the playoffs, after coming into 2012-13 harboring genuine aspirations about competing for a playoff spot. But this time they're approaching the finish line in the unorthodox position of the coach having already seen his option for next season picked up, while the front-office chief awaits word on whether he's staying or going.

    Team president Bryan Colangelo is still waiting to hear if he'll be extended or at least have his 2013-14 option activated. Dwane Casey has one season left on his original three-year deal because his 2013-14 option was invoked after last season and, as such, would appear to be on safer ground than Colangelo.

    Yet getting a dependable forecast on what the Raptors will end up doing on the bench after another season of disappointment -- with the brief lift provided by the midseason Rudy Gay trade gambit fading fast -- will be easier to project once Colangelo's fate is known. And the signals there, so far, are mixed, with the new owners who run both the Raptors and hockey's Maple Leafs still settling into town but having already fired Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke.
    For the record, I think both Colangelo and Casey should be fired.

    So if you voted Casey to be fired, who to replace?

    Coaches already fired this season:
    Alvin Gentry
    Scott Skiles
    Avery Johnson

    Coaches who are not under contract next year from article:
    Larry Drew
    PJ Carlesimo
    Lionel Hollins
    Jim Boylan

    Coaches rumoured on hot seat:
    Vinny Del Negro
    Keith Smart
    Lawrence Frank
    Byron Scott

    Coaches not currently employed:
    Brendan Malone
    Darrell Walker
    Lenny Wilkens
    Kevin O'Neill
    Sam Mitchell
    Butch Carter
    Isiah Thomas
    Flip Saunders
    Nate McMillan
    Michael Curry
    Jim O'Brien
    Mike Brown
    Eddie Jordan
    Stan Van Gundy
    Jeff Van Gundy
    Terry Porter
    Mike Dunleavy
    Larry Brown
    Kurt Rambis

    More assistant coaches/1st timers looking for their break:
    Patrick Ewing
    Brian Shaw
    Mike Malone
    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


    You will notice Phil Jackson and Jerry Sloan are not on the list for what should be ridiculously obvious reasons (and SVG and JVG probably shouldn't be either).

    If I missed anyone, throw it in.

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    In order.... Jerry Sloan (fuck you put him on the list) Flip Saunders

    Wildcard risk move (Give Patrick Ewing a chance)
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      thead wrote: View Post
      In order.... Jerry Sloan (fuck you put him on the list) Flip Saunders

      Wildcard risk move (Give Patrick Ewing a chance)
      I think there is more of a chance of Chuck Daly than Jerry Sloan.


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        I'd put either of the Van Gundy brothers on my list, although I highly doubt it'd happen.


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          Brian Shaw. Fuck it let's try the triangle.


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            I vote yes to firing Casey.


            1) SVG. I have a post in the back of my head for why but it is very long and kind of a waste of time given it would never happen. A coach of that calibre is only walking in to a winning situation at 54 years of age.

            Honestly, I'm not sure who I would like after SVG. Jordan? Scott? McMillan? All have flaws. SVG would be perfect. Ahhh shit.


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              Avery Johnson or Stan Van Gundy.

              Also, Lawrence Frank is rumoured to be heading to Rutgers if he's fired, so rule him out.
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       wrote: View Post
                Brian Shaw. Fuck it let's try the triangle.
                I'm down.

                You could throw Ettore Messina onto that list for shits and giggles.
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                  Casey and Colangelo should be fired.

                  I'm under the assumption (myself only) that DeRozan will be traded in the offseason along with Bargs with a starting line-up of:


                  My coaching choice: SVG (don't know why he would take the gig - would sure know how to feature a big man on offence), Shaw (only because I don't think Lowry is a traditional PG and may be a good triangle candidate with Gay and Valanciunas / Johnson), McMillan.
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                    Rudy Gay in a triangle is intriguing, I've never considered it... It would almost certainly be less painful to watch than our current 100% ISO offense.


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                      I picked no for some reason, i guess we could give 1 more year to see if he can do it. I think we should go after someone like Abdul Jabbar or Ewing if DC gets the hammer. For JV's sake


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                        Avery for sure. Cause I want to see this team's forwards play a more prominent role.

                        He knows how to utilize and excel players at the forward position over his career. Look at what he did with the mavs. I think he did a good job with the nets too.


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                          I don't really have much against Casey. Looking at those coaches makes you realize it's not really easy finding a coach. I just think that Casey is going to have a hard time establishing a successful system next year after this year's catastrophe, partly because his deal expires after next year. Never a good situation.

                          Anyway, I thought about it a lot, and there are guys who I think would be the right move. We'd all dream of Sloan or SVG, but they have no reason to come to Toronto at all. I think more likely options for established coaches are guys who can turn a team into a contender, even if they can't get you over the hump.
                          - My top options there are Byron Scott and Flip Saunders. I think both coach pretty well all around. I prefer Scott.
                          - Beyond that, I think some solid options are Jeff Van Gundy, who also would have no real reason to coach Toronto, but I think he loves big men (Ewing, Yao), and would seriously consider coaching JV, and Mo Cheeks (Didn't notice him on the list).
                          - Best untested option is Brian Shaw if the team would go that route.

                          *I don't put JVG in the first group because he's more of a wildcard. I think he goes to an already established team, but also think he'd give a young team a shot if he thinks he can establish a foundation around someone like JV, and possibly have a long coaching stint if he successfully builds something. In a way, this can be more attractive than going to a team expected to win, where if things don't go right, in 2-3 years he could be back out of a job. So, maybe he likes a guy like JV...or maybe he sits out another year and hopes the team that draft Wiggins asks him to be their coach.
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                            thead wrote: View Post
                            In order.... Jerry Sloan (fuck you put him on the list) Flip Saunders

                            Wildcard risk move (Give Patrick Ewing a chance)
                            Your picture freaks me out


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                              I'm of the small amount of guys that would like to see Dwane back, at least for the beginning of next season. If not, I'd like to see Nate McMillan as our new coach.