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Jonas diagnosed with flexion extension injury of the neck (whiplash)

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  • Jonas diagnosed with flexion extension injury of the neck (whiplash)

    The injury is akin to whiplash commonly suffered in an autoaccident. Except in this case, it was jonas' neck and shoulders being contorted by gay's shoulder.

    Its not a major injury, especially considering the specialist/therapists available to the raptors. No info whether he'll come back with only a handful of games left. Knowing the raptors, he probably wont.

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    Good news. Regular season's almost over, but don't need him going down crossing the finish line.
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      He has shown what he can do.

      I hope no more freak accidents.


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        Shut him down to let him heal for the offseason and next season. I think he's shown what he's capable of and what can be expected of him next season.

        I don't see the point of playing Gay, DeRozan, Lowry or Johnson heavy minutes either. Let the rookies and scrubs play from here on out: Gray, Acy, Fields, Pietrus, Anderson, Ross, Lucas and Telfair (wow the Raps are thin in the front court).


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          Casey treats the last games like training camp. I don't think that's a bad idea, so I don't mind him playing all the guys who they think will be back next year.

          It also seems like we do that every year, shut down players with minor injuries at the end of the year. I'm not sure I like that; let them play with some pain (as long as the injury can't be aggravated) so they'll know what that is if we ever get in a position that we need them to.


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            Loved the smile in the end. Didn't look TOO bad, I'm glad that his visit afterwards was precautionary.


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              JV is the only reason to watch the Raps this time of year. So i guess this is it for me, see you all next season!
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                Gay shoved his shoulder into JV, watch it carefully.