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    This is it. Tanking is over, rebuilding is over and it was well, half-successful or unsuccessful ? I'm pretty sure BC will be fired. Well, JV pick was good, Rudy trade wasn't bad move, but I can't say it was good either. Anyway, HE HAS NOTHING TO HELP HIM. NBA Team is huge business. I bet, he had bigger goals from the guys off-the-screen, so let's get ready to say good bye to MR BRYAN. Done. I hope for the next season it's time for Demar shoot three at least 30-35% like sg wings ( rudy too! ) supposed to do. And yes, we need someone who can score pure 3s. JJ Reddick would be awesome but I don't believe we can get him. Anyway I'm raptors fan since I was 16. That's since 03-04 season, I've been excited far too many times about the Raptors picks and players. And now front-office without BC must re-think strategies, tactics what to do next season. Not only me, but we all want to see Raptors in the playoffs, and start getting fucking respect from the NBA and other teams. Next year is time to change not only in the roster, front office but in the Standings too.