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2012/2013 a year in review.

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  • thead
    I'm not entirely opposed to keeping Ross but I think our team gets better without him. I think he gets better without us, and I think a team like Detroit/Utah/Atlanta/Phoenix gets better long term and has the minutes to burn while they rebuild.

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  • JawsGT
    Good review. I agree with just about everything. However, I would like to see Ross and Acy here next season, at least until the deadline like you suggested for Ross, unless of course something really good comes up. I'm not sold on Ross but would love to see him get more minutes next season just to see what he can do, he has potential, but lets not raise the bar too high this time. And I just love big guys that play like Acy. We definitely need a shooter at the 2, so I'm up for moving Derozan if he does not elevate that part of his game next year. I hope we don't have to pair him with Bargs to move the tall turd, but if that needs to be done than so be it. I'd like to see a more confidant and comfortable Lowry next year, he has been looking much better lately so lets hope that continues, we need that aggressiveness! Despite this seasons failures I think this team, with or without many changes, will be much better next season.

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  • thead
    My issue is I want to be done with potential. I want the Raptors to start acquiring known quantities. Examples

    Instead of Anderson who is a chucker, I want Shane Battier/Grant Hill - You know EXACTLY what you get with those two.
    Instead of Ross who might be a great 3pt shooter/wing, I want JJ Reddick who already is a great shooter and good defender
    Instead of Bargnani who could gel with and contribute, I want David West or Paul Millsap who will give you a consistent 16pts 8 boards and tough D.
    Instead of Acy who might turn into a Reggie Evans that can shoot free throws, I want Reggie Evans because he already does something extremely well.

    I think the Raptors need to start dealing with people that bring the same thing every game. How long are we going to swallow potential for before we realize that potential is just air and we are still hungry?

    On any given game Ross could erupt for 20 plus points, but I'd rather take 12 points every single game that I can count on.

    I don't want Rookies, I don't want draft picks, I don't want TPE's or STDs for that matter. Keep two roster spots for your guys that COULD become something and save the rest for guys that are ALREADY something

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  • CalgaryRapsFan
    Nice write-up.

    The only disagreement I have is around the DeRozan/Ross logjam. I see Ross having more potential than you give him credit for and there being less liklihood of DeRozan developing in year #5 into what we collectively expect of him. Plus, given the Raptors salary cap situation (even if Bargnani & Kleiza were dumped) and CBA salary matching requirements for trades, I think it makes much more sense for the Raptors to dangle DeRozan as a trade chip instead of Ross.

    Assuming the Raps' 1st round pick does go to OKC this year, I still think there's potential to have a much improved roster in place by training camp.

    1. Amnesty Kleiza
    2. Trade DeRozan for a legit starting PF (ie: Millsap via S&T is my ideal somewhat realistic target, whereas Love is my pipedream)
    3. Trade Bargnani for something useful, either alone or packaged with DeRozan (if #2 were to happen, then Bargnani to Minnny for Williams & Ridnour would be my ideal somewhat realistic target)
    4. Let Anderson, Pietrus, Lucas and Telfair walk
    5. Combination of moves above enables full MLE to be available, if any holes remain following DeRozan/Bargnani trade(s)

    C: Valanciunas, Gray
    PF: ??? (via trade), Johnson, Acy (if not traded)
    SF: Gay, ??? (either via trade or veteran free agent signing)
    SG: Fields, Ross
    PG: Lowry, ??? (either via trade or MLE free agent signing)

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  • thead
    started a topic 2012/2013 a year in review.

    2012/2013 a year in review.

    Landry Fields: I wish to god this man was not injured when we signed him to his above market value contract. I really feel that, depending on the direction of the team, we have a probable starter at the 2, who is crafty, intelligent, and a good to great defender. Watching him smother Carmelo gave me a very hetero man crush. His injury is unique, speaking from experience as I have the exact same god damn problem, nerve damage can take up to a year to get right (if it ever does). Alex McKechnie seems pretty sure that they can get him right by the start of training camp but even then I think it will take most of that season to restore his form. Ironically enough he will likely peak in the third year of his bloated contract which is right around when we will be deciding to keep or trade him. If I am wrong and he returns to form next season then Ross becomes redundant and a valuable trade chip.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: Keep

    Linas Kleiza: The Lithuanian Assassin is one of my favorite people/not player on the team. It is frustrating to watch him tear up international competition and then come here and collect dust on the bench. I wish him the best but perhaps being dominant in the Euro League is a better option for him than being whatever the opposite of dominant is on an NBA team.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: CUT (Trade if someone wants 4 million to come off the books)

    Terrence Ross:
    Explosive, streaky, good defender. I honestly don't see him achieving his potential here in Toronto. DeRozan has promised to have the long ball down by next season and if he carries through look to see Ross moved for a more veteran player by the deadline. It does make sense to hold onto him over the summer unless a can't miss opportunity arises.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: Keep (40%) Trade (60%)

    Quincy Acy: I'm biased, I see a great deal of potential in Acy. I see grit and grime and hustle. I see a SHIT load of mistakes on D. This man has not met a shot fake he wouldn't bite on. However the Raptors need to get OLDER. They don't need any more players that might,could, one day be, has the potential to, the sky is the limit for, given time to develop he could, or any other tags assigned to players that fuck up a lot.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: Trade

    Aaron Gray: What can I say here? I like him because there are no question marks. He will give you a big body that sets hard screens, grabs boards, and good character. Nobody is waiting for Aaron Gray to develop into anything. I like that about him.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: KEEP. As a third string center and 6 fouls to use, why the hell not?

    Amir Johnson: I love this man. His effort night in and night out is an example for the entire team to follow. Make no mistake about it Amir Johnson is a 3rd big. A true quality starting four in his place turns our bench into something to be feared. This is not a knock on the man as I still expect him to play starters minutes (30 - 35) This season has a been a great opportunity for him and he has shined in his role. However, if we want to get anywhere past the first round next season we need him backing up the PF and C so that we don't lose a beat when bench time comes. When you see a team like Miami and Ray Allen is the guy coming off the bench you think "Of ffs did Miami put in a cheat code or something". If we can start to create that vibe with our own bench great things will happen.


    Andrea Bargnani: Next.

    Kyle Lowry: Between injuries, role changes, pace of game changes, offense changes, injuries to other players, having to attempt to make use of Bargnani (briefly) and being asked to adapt his game to suit those that have a difficult time getting their own shot (DeRozan/Gay/Amir/JV/Landry/ah hell most of the roster) I would say he has done the best he can. He is best when he makes teams pay for going under a screen and when he pushes the pace. I think he (more than anyone else) needs to use this summer to get in shape, get healthy, and put in some serious work with Rudy and DeMar. As for if we should hold onto him? That would depend entirely upon what was being offered. I do think at some point though we need to settle on a PG and quit porking the pig in that department. If Lowry is our guy, start assembling a roster that works best with his type (i.e. spot up 3pt threats and a point forward to help facilitate) if not, I'm not married to the idea of keeping him.

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: KEEP (75%) TRADE (25%)

    Jonas Valanciunas:; 100% KEEP. If and when this current rebuild fails, JV and Amir are the only two players I am interested in keeping long term and building around. He is going to be special, and I plan on it being my great joy to watch him achieve that. He just makes the game fun to watch with his relentlessness.


    DeMar DeRozan: His game has been discussed at length so I will just say this. Me wanting him around depends entirely if he can drain open threes when he gets back in September. If he is not shooting between 33 - 40% I say good day to you sir. DeMar desperately needs to a few other things at a high if not elite level to justify that contract. If he can't do the open three thing, I would still keep him around if he came back as a ferocious defender with better handles. But simply being above average in the mid range and inconsistent everywhere else is not a future I'm interested in. As a person, I think he is a great guy, good character, gym rat, high percentage free throw percentage, but he needs to take a step up and really excel in an area that isn't the "worst shot in basketball"

    KEEP/CUT or TRADE: Keep (50%) Trade (50%)

    Michael Pietrus: Cut/Don't Resign
    Sebastian Telfair: Resign for cheap if you can but don't even come close to breaking the bank on him
    John Lucas III: Keep him as a solid third string locker room guy
    Alan Anderson He will pick up a contract somewhere, has played up his value, not worth resigning

    RUDY FUCKING GAY MAN: Rudy is not used to this much attention. He is not used to this volume of shots. He is not used to being THE MAN. He has the talent to be better than Carmelo but not necessarily LeBron. He rebounds, gets steals and when engaged is a lockdown defender. Keeping him is in our best interest for two reasons:

    1.) 2015 20 million dollars expiring allowing the team to be built properly by the new GM ( I hope)

    2.) There is a chance is he plays up to his contact value, in which case we might as well keep him
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