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Next years starting PF now a lock?

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    RobertArchibald wrote: View Post
    He could shoot a million 3s a day, it won't matter unless his technique improves first.
    This would be a valid point if his technique was actually fundamentally broken (i.e. Fields post-injury). That's not the case. At this point, he needs to do the same thing he does inside the 3pt range, from behind the line.


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      torch19 wrote: View Post
      I disagree. Amir balances out our first line-up very well & he anchors our defense. You can't take that away from him. He's a mobile defender who provides enough rim protection. He reacts quickly on defensive rotations & he covers well for Valanciunas' mistakes on defense.

      He's not much of an offensive option if you ask him to create a shot for himself, but he finds ways to score effectively. His jumper (in terms of release) has gotten a lot better through the years. His release is cleaner & in the past few games, he has experimented with the 3 point shot.

      I trust that Valanciunas will provide a much needed post scoring as he continues to develop. We have Rudy Gay and DeMar DeRozan who can create shots on the block as well. Amir sets screens well, he is good with the pinch post action with the wings.

      In short, he provides all of the intangibles for that first unit that box score statistics do not measure.
      Precisely what I would argue and I could not have said it better myself, but "intangibles" is certainly the key word here. I just think he is a great fit along side a developing JV, especially with Rudy, Demar, and Lowry as the other starters. If we move DeRozan to bring in a offensively gifted PF, then maybe I see it working with a spot up shooter at the 2. But I'm not even sold at having 4 starters that need the ball, let alone 5. I'd rather bring in a Scola or Landry, instead of a Boozer, Gasol or Millsap to back up Amir as opposed to having Amir back-up one of the latter. I'm not opposed to having Amir come off the bench, but I'd rather see him starting with this lineup. And the stats have been posted time and again on here showing how much better the raps are with Amir in the lineup.

      What I like most about Amir is that he doesn't need the ball to be effective, and there just isn't enough of that on this team. I just don't see this team having an effective offense having 4 or 5 starters that need touches regularly on offense. If Boozer could be swapped for Bargs without including Demar than we would have 5 capable scorers in the starting lineup. Who takes all the shots? How does the ball move to keep everyone satisfied? Rudy will need his touches, and so will JV if we want him to continue to develop. I think many agree that Lowry would be more effective having a greater offensive role, and Boozer would be a go to guy in the post, thus Demar kinda gets wasted. There wouldnt be much opportunity for him offensively, at the very least. So, if we moved Demar to facilitate a Millsap type acquisition, then we would just be moving the touches and shots from the SG to the PF. Of course, it's arguable whether this move would allow for an adjustment that would benefit the whole team. Personally I don't see it because this team doesnt play a system of offense that facilitates ball movement and good shot selection, and adding a scoring PF isn;t going to change that. Also, I'd rather have an intangible type player next to JV rather than a player that demands the ball, because I want JV to become a go to post up player that demands the ball himself. I have no issues with experiencing any associated growing pains related to JV's development next season.

      Furthermore, I'd like to see 2 intangible type players in the starting lineup. I'd move Demar to the bench, and have a SG that can shoot and play d to start. Demar would be a potent force off the bench, and I'd envision him getting 28+ minutes in that role.

      I really feel the team needs to learn to use the talent, skills, and ability that this roster has before any "big" changes should be made. Playing an appropriate system that isn't ISO heavy, I can see this team making the playoffs as is. We were only 4 wins from Milwaukee's abysmal 8th seeded record this year. 38 wins may not be enough next year (I would bet on that), but I think this team is capable of winning more. And if you move Bargs for anything serviceable, we would be even better again.

      I'd like to keep Amir as a starter, make some minor acquisitions in the off season, and see if BC and DC can keep their jobs next year.