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Do you think Gay/DeRozan's new found 3pt prowess is sustainable?

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  • Do you think Gay/DeRozan's new found 3pt prowess is sustainable?

    And so continues the annual tradition for Raptors fans of seeing reason for hope and optimism in games when the playoffs are out of reach.

    This year we have the Raptors wing duo of Gay and DeRozan becoming prolific 3-point threats as the season winds down.

    Over the last five games, DeRozan is 9-14 from three and Gay is 14-26.

    According to, the average 3pt shooting percentage for a SG is 36.3% and a SF is 36.6%.

    Obviously expecting 54% and 65% over the course of a season is unrealistic. But with that said, do you think Rudy and DeMar will be consistent 3-point threats moving forward (i.e. >36%)?

    **consistent being equal to or better than average of 36-37%**

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    Quick reaction: no

    Not so simple answer:

    I don't think anything can be taken from the last few games. Their opponents had no interest in putting in any sort of an fight. Both in the macro sense (sitting or limiting key players) and at the game level (little effort). Wins and losses were generally meaningless too them, however not suffering injuries was significant.

    This stands out, not only in terms of players who saw game time, but that Toronto, as a whole, looked like an offensive juggernauts since the last time they played a game that meant something to a team (Milwaukee).

    Then there is the sample size issue.

    So the idea of taking something from these games makes me chuckle a bit. (not directed at this post, just what I've already read and heard about the raptors winning games this past week)

    That said, shooting is the easiest skill to improve in the NBA. So seeing either of them improve their shooting range wouldn't be a suprise (Demar more likely than Gay). At the same time they both have a long enough history give us a reasonable idea of the chances.

    So in conclusion:

    Is it possible? Yes
    Is it likely? No
    Did these games show anything to hint at an answer? Nope


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      Ok, I voted yes, but I don't htink they will necessarily be shooting around 36% I chose it mostly because I thought they will both put up better numbers

      On Demar, I do think with him it's mostly reps. Since he came into the league, he's had to change his shot slowly to more of a set shot. He was far too used to only shooting well in motion, where his legs might kick out and such. I can see him clearing 30% next season, especially from the corners. I would like him to be shooting 36% plus from the corners regardless of how well he shoots from the top. I thought in this little stretch, he looked very good from the sides, his shot getting much tighter. I feel like he always squares up more properly for a set shot from the sides now.

      On Gay, he's gotta bounce back up sometime. His shot is clearly not "broken" in any way. When he gets his legs under him, he's pretty solid. He needs to spend the summer figuring out what's causing his back issues and mitigate them, because that will just kill your ability to do anything the way you're used to. I can see Gay being 35% or more from 3 next season.

      THe X-Factors.....a lot of attention on these 2 guys. They definitely both have to be better, but also, the team needs much more consistent shooting from Lowry and Ross, and some amount of shooting from Fields (I'd be happy if he can even just work the corner 3 back into his game). Remember the ball will often be in the hands of Gay or DeRozan, so if they initiate offense, there have to be guys who can reliably knock down shots around them. Every one of these guys needs to spend a lot of time on 3s this summer.

      Verdict, I'm hoping for Demar to shoot around 32-33%, and like I said, a better clip from the corner areas. I'm hoping Gay shoots 35-36%, which seems reasonable given his shot form.
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        I don't think DeMar will be a consistent 3pt threat.. I do see Gay being one though. But since the vote was for both, I had to vote no.


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          I voted no, but I sure would be happy if Demar shot 31-32% next year and Gay gets close to 35%
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            the thread needs a maybe, I think the more 3s should be coming from Gay who is on average a way better 3 point shooter than DeMar. realistically I dont want them falling in love with the shot run some sets on a nice catch and shoot especially for DeMar who cant do it on his own, and limit the 3 point tries for both of them to 5 a night 3 for Rudy 2 for DeMar.

            I think Rudy and DeMar have to work more on their handles and court vision especially Rudy sometimes his handles look really suspect and his passing a little meh... but hey hes getting double and triple teamed. Casey said he wanted DeMar to run some plays with improved handles and utilize a pump fake from 3 to open a drive for him which is a good idea.

            Rudy and DeMar shot what 56% from 3 in these last couple of games? thats obviously not going to last, but making it respectable isnt a stretch. Id rather DeMar exploit smaller SGs in the post and leave the 3s to Gay and Lowry but its good to have 3 options from deep.


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              it'd be cool but i doubt it


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                I don't think both will. I do think at least one of them will emerge as the consistent 3 Pt threat.

                Realistically i think demars corner 3s are going to go up.
                In my mind, I want it to be Amir!


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                  I think Rudy's always gonna be streaky. He's a good shooter but he takes those freakin heat check shots all the time. I've never seen a player put up so many nice looking shots and then put up two air balls in a row. Happens all the time with him.

                  I think Demar will end up being at least a league average 3 pt shooter, maybe better one day. He works too hard on it not to get better.
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                    I think Rudy can get to around 36% but Demar will likely be lower. But if they are both hitting the corner 3 more consistently, the team will have much more potential


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                      demar started the season with somewhat competent 3pt numbers. then he stopped shooting there altogether.

                      in reality, id rather both him and gay not get into the habit of taking a lot of threes. high % plzzzzzzzz


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                        Demar improved from .265 to .283, if that continues into next season he would average .301 next season.
                        Demar at .300 and Rudy at .350 is a solid contribution. Demar in my opinion can improve to .350 territory, and Rudy can even get closer to .400 (hes come close before).

                        I think when we are talking 3pt shooting though, you guys have to start speaking about Amir as a potential 3pt threat!

                        AND IM NOT KIDDING. It was reported he wanted to extend his role to that, and the last few games he was knocking them down! He is currently .385 from 3!!!
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                          Maybe Demar was just really dead set on proving Hollinger wrong with only 33 wins predicted.

                          I don't think either of them will ever be a Steph Curry and Klay Thomson combination, but they will improve. I feel like even if Derozan is willing to take those shots it has to keep defences honest, and Gay was just having a really bad slump when he arrived.

                          But more importantly, I'm 99% sure Derozan, Gay and Casey realise they need to be able to hit the 3 ball better to open things up even more, especially if they plan on going to Valanciunas in the post more offseson, so I'm confident they'll work on it this offseason.


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                            I think as long as Derozan and Gay move that 3-point% just a bit over 30-33%, I think that would be well enough for the team to space the floor.
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                              I say 'Yes' for Rudy and 'No' for Demar