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Arthur: Raps reach another fork in the road

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    Andrea Bargnani ‏@AndreaBargnani 1h

    it's been a long season, we went trough a lot, but we finished strong. Wanna thank everybody for their support. #raptors #toronto
    .......big foot sighting. Bargs never uses Twitter lol goodbye message?? hopefully.


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      I am probably the only person left on the BC bandwagon... First if we were to fire i would be ok but please tell me who would be a better gm out there?

      We have a very promising future i think anyone is stupid who doesnt see it. The age of this team the chemistry will come some minor pieces will come.

      My only question is, do you see someway with the majority of this roster that we win a championship because if thats not the goal well then i should stop watching sports...

      I see alot of potential but i think we should have been prepared for a rebuild ( like we could be prepared for one after next season.) should have been a year earlier with this promising draft. And yes Gm know years in advance when a good draft will come.

      I have mixed feelings to see if we can make this team go somewhere or if we should blow it up now keep some core pieces for the future but wont help us win game this year to get a good pick. Thats the easy way but never for sure. We're obviously going to ride it out and see where it takes us.. This can be a 50 win team... but i dont see it going into championship contender without alot of luck.


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        If you want MLSE to neuter Colangelo and handcuff him on major decisions then why not just get rid of him altogether? Especially with a price tag of $4 million or whatever exorbitant amount of money that BC continues to collect from them.