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    drunkmunky wrote: View Post
    From watching him the entire season, his interviews via nba tv us stream and nba canada, in addition to information posted online. It's my conclusion that he hates Toronto, he wants the hell out, and he was the first member on the team to tweet, and leave Toronto right away after Exit interviews.
    You have GOT to chill with this paranoid, glass half empty's embarrassing. It's like when I text my girl like "I'm just gonna chill out by myself tonight" and she hits me back on some "YOU DON'T LOVE ME, YOU'RE BREAKING UP WITH ME" type of shit.

    T-Ross, even if he doesn't like being in Canada right now, has got a lot of time left to fall in love with it. And you know what he'll fall in love with? A good basketball opportunity. An opportunity he'll get if he earns it, and if he doesn't earn it, guess what? We don't want his high flyin ass anyway.
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      Soft Euro wrote: View Post
      I'm not your mate, buddy.

      If you called it how you see it, you have to get your eyes checked. Because you said that's what he posted, you didn't say that's what you thought he meant or that you interpreted it as such. That's a big difference (not that I have a big problem with it btw; we'll just know what worth to attach to your words).

      Well then by that logic he's not your buddy pal.


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        RaptorsMR ‏@RaptorsMR 16m

        The # Raptors announced forward Rudy Gay had a procedure performed today in Los Angeles to correct vision in his left eye.
        Josh Lewenberg ‏@JLew1050 7m

        Gay has dealt with ongoing vision issues, was uncomfortable with goggles/contacts, hence todays procedure on left eye
        For anyone that cares. I was looking forward to seeing some goggles though... but good for Rudy.


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          Laser eye surgery?


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   wrote: View Post
            Well then by that logic he's not your buddy pal.
            nor your pal, friend...
            The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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              RAPTORNATION wrote: View Post
              In order to open up minutes to develop Terrence Ross, how do you guys think Rudy Gay would do at the 4 in some situations?
              No, you don't give up that much (trade and salary) to fill the SF slot and then turn around and try to turn the guy into a PF. If Ross wants minutes he'll have to earn them. If he grows to the point where he deserves a starting role and there is no room then you look at trade options to move him or to make room for him.


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                it really depends on the small ball..
                It could happen with Amir @ the 5.

                That kind of setup would work against the bench of miami for example.