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    If you were the Raptors' new GM what would be your top three priorities in terms of personnel? This could involve either players or coaches. Please don't end it with brief one liners, let's have some fun with this.
    • If you tell us you want Casey out of here then who would you replace him with, who would be your backup plan?
    • If you tell us you want Bargnani traded then what or who would you be looking to get back?

    There are no right or wrong answers... That is unless you forget to consider the salary cap; let's pretend it's not going to change.

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    i have no problems with casey as coach

    1) i would try to send bargs out and would probably ask l.a. for pau first and then onto chicago for boozer. i would do this the first possible chance and if neither team is good for it, would love fields and bargs for pau, i try at the draft for any type of pick, not expecting anything. if that doesn't work i amnesty him and let him walk.

    2)try as hard as i can to buy the highest possible pick and grab kabongo if possible.

    3)depending on the money i would try to sign reddick as a free agent and make ross earn his minutes while reddick shows him what a good shooter who had to work hard to get on the court is.


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      if we get a top 3 pick in this years draft (hopefully #1), I would try to facilitate a sign and trade with the atlanta hawks where they take bargnani,fields,and top 3 pick (approximately 20 mill in salary), and we get josh smith signed to max (clear overpay) and deshawn stevenson. (if we don't get top 3 pick,try to use derozan in sign and trade, but be prepared to amnesty bargs b/c derozan is not enough to warrant taking his bad contract)

      If the sign and trade (top 3 pick, bargs,fields) is succesful Derozan gets traded for a good shooting SG who doesn't have to be spectacular, just good enough to give ross time to develop, and Backup back to the bucket Big. (basically our bench)

      offer calderon like 6 million 2 year deal.

      Casey stays.


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        Priority #1: trade Andrea Bargnani....I know for a new GM, it's usually tweaking the front office and coaching staff...but seriously, Bargs has got to's in the interest of both parties at this point
        -Milwaukee for Ilyasova
        -PHX for Scola (this would probably end up being teh scenario I put the most work into, since I think there is some chance PHX will be swinging deals this summer).
        -Minny for Ridnour
        -Any deal where Bargs is broken up into manageable pieces, if a good player is not possible....the Hawes scenario is one of these.

        So if the PHX trade is the most likely (Because I don't know why Milly would trade Ersan), I would hope for something amazing like Bargs for Scola + Frye (I'd stay away from Beasley). If it took something like Ross to get the deal done (which I would be very opposed to), I might consider it if it's Bargs + Ross for Scola + filler + a 1st rd pick, likely for the future as Scola was amnestied last summer, so to get him, the trade would have to hapen after the draft (after July 1st). I really hate to part with Ross, but might be ok with it if we can get a young asset back.

        Priority #2: Use MLE or whatever cap flexibility available to fill PG hole. This is assuming the PHX trade goes through, so Scola is on teh roster with who knows what else.
        My PG targets:
        -Shaun Livingston...the more I think about him, the more I like him. A long guy who'd be a great defender for Casey. Good PG instincts. Seems to have found his niche.
        -CJ Watson...I think slightly overrated from his Chicago days, but still one of the better backups in the game. Not sure he's the best fit for the team, but I don't see a PG I think fits best on the free agent market. If Jose were 2 years older, to avoid any chance of controversy...
        -I'd have to at least look into Eric Maynor. I assume he takes his qualifying offer and stays in Portland, but hey, if the Raps can offer even a bit above it would Portland care to match? I'd probably prefer him over the other 2, but think it's incredibly unlikely to happen. Maybe try to offer him 2 years, with the 2nd only partially guaranteed.
        -Fallback options....Boobie Gibson, Will Bynum, DJ Augustin

        Priority #3: Using whatever's left to sign a wing, targeting a solid wingr and waiting for one to fall through the cracks in free agency....lots of names here, so just wait and see who doesn't get a good contract. Seems to happen every year.

        -These wings would be...Corey Brewer, Ronnie Brewer, Dorrell Wright, Matt Barnes, Chase Budinger, Randy Foye, Marco Belinelli, Keith Bogans...
        -Might even be able to sign a couple of them...For instance, Bogans is a likely minimum contract guy, so if he became our 3rd SG, that's not bad, having a defensive vet in that role. I would definitely be ok with Budinger and Bogans added to Gay, DeMar and Fields, if for example we get 2 minimum value guys.
        -I guess I'd do the same for bigs too...might have to sign one if my preferred Scola trade doesn't go through....Nazr Mohammed, Ryan Hollins, Ronny real preference, just hopefully someone who can at least bang a bit on any given night. I like Hollins athleticism given I'd probably pick up Gray's option.

        So in my ideal scenario, without losing Ross, the roster would look something like this:

        C: JV/Frye/Gray
        PF: Amir/Scola/Acy (I'd bring Scola off the bench to replace JV's post game)
        SF: Gay/Fields/ Budinger
        SG: DeMar/Ross/Bogans
        PG: Lowry/Livingston/Lucas

        My fallback Scola scenario, where we lose Ross, and I'm assuming that Shannon Brown comes back in such a trade, but I don't know what, if anything, else...PHX should have some space if they want to just send some money back to make things work.

        C: JV/Gray/vet min signing (maybe Hollins as he's got some athleticism)
        PF: Amir/Scola/Acy
        SF: Gay/Fields/ Budinger or R.Brewer
        SG: Demar/Brown/Bogans
        PG: Lowry/Livingston/Lucas

        *There would certainly have to be a 3rd player sent from PHX if they don't want to send a bit of money. I don't know who this could be. I haven't been able to think of who they'd want to give up other than Beasley. Maybe they would give up Dudley for Ross, if it meant they didn't have to give up a pick. I like Dudley enough to maybe give that a shot. In such a scenario we'd only have to sign one more depth wing, so someone like Bogans or Budinger would be bumped off.

        My choices at the end of bench (like Budinger) are based largely on who I think will be available at the minimum, not who I'd prefer...especially if it's a 3rd string position. Don't think Dorrell Wright, C. Brewer or Barnes are looking for that, even if I'd take one of them first. They're just less likely to fall through the cracks.

        Ignored, re-prioritized for next season: Coaching situation. Give Casey another year. As a GM, the summer is not a very good time to be able to evaluate things. This organization is not going into rebuilding right away. It is not a blank slate. If it were, and there were lots of roster holes and a crappy year on the horizon, I'd definitely just fire Casey. So a new coach now seems kind of pointless to me. Wait for a year, in order to evaluate coach and roster. Decide if one or both need changes.

        Edit: I've been thinking about it a lot. I might be willing to take on Beasley. I hate Beasley. He's a player I never want on my team. But Scola, as a post presence, a veteran, a smart player, and even a great ball mover, is exactly the kind of player this team needs, especially if JV is expected to grow more next season. He would provide much of what the bigger name options do at a fraction of the cost, and be a better fit by taking less away from JV. So I'd take Beasley on, and let him be a benchwarmer. Challenge him to be ready if an opportunity opens up. AFter a year, I'd buy him out if he's the player I think he is. Would still get Scola

        So, a revised scenario that would be another Bargs for Scola + Beasley, and I'd try to get a pick or acquire the right to swap picks in 2015, when the Suns have an extra 1st rder from LA. I would not want to give back Ross if I have to take back Beasley. This might mean giving up a pick instead of getting one, but I wouldn't trade the 2014 pick. Also, if you combine it with my 2nd scenario, and give up Ross, but get Brown and a 1st rder, it still works, salary-wise. Lots of combinations even with just a few players.

        C: JV/ Gray/ again, maybe a signing like Hollins
        PF: Amir/Scola/Acy
        SF: Gay/ Fields/Beasley (who'll also be an extra PF as well)
        SG: Demar/Ross/ Bogans (I keep putting him because he's a vet)
        PG: Lowry/Livingston/Lucas
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          1) move bargs. Like, for anything. Like VC to the Nets anything.

          2) amnesty Kleiza when he exercises his option

          3) go get a backup pg and pf, either through the above transactions on fa signing
          Welp, that sucked.


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            c_bcm wrote: View Post
            1) move bargs. Like, for anything. Like VC to the Nets anything.

            2) amnesty Kleiza when he exercises his option

            3) go get a backup pg and pf, either through the above transactions on fa signing
            seriously not much else to say Bargs just needs to be moved hes killing us just being here, that was proven this season...Addition by subtraction, I hope BC doesnt think hes more valuable than he is, I remember him saying you dont want to trade a guy like Bargnani for anything...which is true but you have to see the team plays better without him...

            "worst case scenario would be him attempting to keep Bargnani to play beside Rudy Gay as his *ahem "Dream Draft Duo" ugggghhhh!


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              The answer to this question has to do a lot with what direction MLSE wants to go. I believe there are two options, 1) Use what we currently have to make a run at the playoffs, and 2) blow it up and go back to a real rebuild.

              Assuming 1)

              You're basically right under the luxury tax threshold so you can't make any trades that increase your salary unless you've convinced MLSE the move puts you in direct competition with the Miami Heat (good luck with that one).

              A recent report stated that trading Bargnani would require some asset in return (e.g. a pick), so his value is at an all-time low. Therefore, this is the worst time to trade him. Amnestying him may give you some wiggle room cap wise, but honestly it's not worth it, and MLSE wouldn't go for paying a player not to play for them. At this point, he stays with the team until at least the trade deadline, or beyond, and pray that he becomes a decent role-player or 6th man.

              I would trade Linas Kleiza and Terrence Ross to the Magic for Glen Davis and Tobias Harris. Davis has 2 years left on his deal, and helps give us some form of post offense at a pretty decent clip, and Harris gives us some more size and rebounding behind Gay. For the Magic, they get an expiring contract in Kleiza and a "greater upside potential" player in Ross.

              That's pretty much all I can do. The roster would be rounded out with vets for the minimum, which I don't believe affects the salary cap, so we end up with

              PG: Lowry/Lucas
              SG: DeMar/Fields
              SF: Gay/Harris
              PF: Davis/Johnson/Acy
              C: Jonas/Andrea

              Hopefully by the trade deadline Andrea can be flipped for a back-up PG and a 4th string big-man.

              I realize the above roster is not much of an improvement over what we have now, but given the luxury tax threshold and the immovable contracts we currently have, I feel like it's a realistic outlook of what we can expect to see next season. I do believe it's more balanced, though, with a 3-man big rotation of Davis/Johnson/Jonas, and clear-cut minutes for bench swingmen, the only thing you're left with is a glaring back-up PG hole.
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                1. Trade Bargs for either Dorell Wright and Spencer hawes or have a 3-team trade with the bobcats and t'wolves in which we get ridnour and Derrick williams, the bobcats get Bargs and the T'Wolves get ben gordon and AA 2. Try and add a vet 3-point shooter like Michael Redd, Anthony Morrow, Booby Gibson 3. Try and trade t-ross to a lottery team for next years pick


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                  #1 - Make a run at Phil Jackson / Fire Colangelo. If we can lock up Phil at GM, this city would be on Cloud 9.

                  #2 - Trade Bargnani. Get rid of the final piece of the losing culture (assuming BC goes out as per step #1).

                  #3 - Find another big man via trade / free agency. If Amir is set to be our starting PF for the time being, Acy and Air Aaron aren't going to cut as it as the only other bigs.
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                    isaacthompson wrote: View Post
                    #1 - Make a run at Phil Jackson / Fire Colangelo. If we can lock up Phil at GM, this city would be on Cloud 9.

                    #2 - Trade Bargnani. Get rid of the final piece of the losing culture (assuming BC goes out as per step #1).

                    #3 - Find another big man via trade / free agency. If Amir is set to be our starting PF for the time being, Acy and Air Aaron aren't going to cut as it as the only other bigs.
                    YOU would be the new GM. You wouldn't have the power to hire Jackson, since he's looking for a President or GM type gig. BC would already be fired.


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                      white men can't jump wrote: View Post
                      YOU would be the new GM. You wouldn't have the power to hire Jackson, since he's looking for a President or GM type gig. BC would already be fired.
                      Ope. Misread. In that case...

                      #1 - Trade Bargnani. Get rid of the final piece of the losing culture.

                      #2 - Find another big man via trade / free agency. If Amir is set to be our starting PF for the time being, Acy and Air Aaron aren't going to cut as it as the only other bigs.

                      #3 - Get a solid backup point guard (here a lot of Ridnour floating around) and then get rid of Lucas, making Telfair the third-string PG. He's sold insurance.
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                        Well, the obvious for everyone here is to trade Bargnani. The hypothetical trade I would like is Bargs and Kleiza to Brooklyn for Humphries and Brooks. This would give us:


                        The $12 million after the 13-14 season from Humphries contract will be good to have and he will definately be a solid backup for the elusive playoff push next year. At this point theres not a lot of money left so I'd just sign a few near minimum players to help improve the team. They would likely be:

                        PG DJ Augustin
                        C Nazr Mohammed

                        This gives us:


                        I think this greatly helps our overall PG play and rebounding for the upcoming season. We also have a $12 million expiring contract and an intriguing young talent (Ross) that may factor into some sort of good trade scenarios during the season. For example if a team is doing shitty next year and decides to blow it up combination of Ross + fat expiring contract of Humphries may get a star player off of that team. Having Marshon Brooks already would safe guard the backup SG spot and he shows pretty good potential.


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                          #1 Priority is attempting to trade Bargs.

                          I'd offer LA Bargs, Ross, and Kleiza for Pau. If that doesn't get it done, I'd move on to Chicago and offer Bargs and Keliza for Boozer. If we can't get that done, I'd move on to Charlotte and offer Bargs for Ben Gordon and one of Charlotte's 1st round picks. If that doesn't work, I'd go for the Bargs/Kleiza for Hump/Brooks trade mentioned above. If that doesn't work, then we stick with Bargs until his stock goes up more or his contract runs out. Amnesty provides only negative results as eventually his expiring deal would be movable for something, and he'd probably be a decent (albeit expensive) 6-9th man in the meantime, wherever he fits in.

                          Depending on what you got for Bargs, you use the MLE and minimum contracts to fill in the holes at backup PG, PF, 3pt shooting wing, and possibly a 2nd/3rd center.

                          PG's I'd target are guys who can hit the 3 like Nate Robinson, Jarrett Jack, Devin Harris, CJ Watson, DJ Augustin, Beno Udrih, or AJ Price. Obviously some variation between the full MLE and the minimum, depending on the guy who is interested. At least the crop of backup PG's is rather large. I have them more or less in order of who I want most, with Udrih and Price being included as "at least they're better than Lucas" guys.

                          As for 3pt shooting, I'd offer something near the minimum to Morrow.

                          As for big men, I'd offer deals to Nazr Mohammed or Chris Andersen.

                          If we pull most of this off, no reason we can't compete for the 6-8 seed, and should be a lock. I want JV and the rest to get some playoff experience so they'll be ready to challenge for a title in 3 years.


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                            1) See what it would take to get Kevin Love from Minnesota. Potential deal would probably surround DeMar and the 2014 first round pick. Would include anyone not named JV to make that deal happen. If Bargnani is included even better.

                            2) If Bargnani is not used in the Kevin Love trade (or if the trade is not possible), I'd trade him to Charlotte for Tyrus Thomas and Detroit's 2014 first round pick (top 8 protected), and if possible a 2nd rounder.

                            3) Pick up the options on JL3 and Gray. Amnesty Kleiza and sign a backup PG like Watson with the MLE.

                            Casey will be back for one more year and would tell him to concentrate on defense like he did in the 2011-2012 season, and would give him bonuses if he reached his defensive goals.


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                              If I sound like I'm trolling here, I apologize. Dwight Howard just got DQ'ed in what may be his final game as a Laker. Given Lieweke's signing (and LA connection) and the fact that we have parts for a trade (JV being the centerpiece), how would people feel about DH12 coming here? Again, I pose the question because TL is talking championship, not just making the playoffs. Thoughts?
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