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    Gasol: for a one year expiring contract, I don't see a need to include Acy. But I'd probably do it.
    Boozer: both teams would probably rather not include Fields. Their only reason for moving Boozer is salary reasons, and if they take Fields, they're worse off.
    Smith: yeah, I'd do that, but not for the max that Smith reportedly wants. However, I don't think Atlanta would go for it. They'd rather let Smith go UFA and use the space on a pitch for Howard.


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      RaptorsAnalyst wrote: View Post
      How to get Pau Gasol:

      Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, and Quincy Acy for Pau Gasol and Jodie Meeks.
      If Dwight Howard does not resign and/or Kobe is hurt for a long time, the Lakers would be better served to trade Gasol for young assets than to trade him for bad contracts. The trade you proposed is basically two longer, bad contracts + end of roster player for Gasol. I can't imagine the Lakers doing that trade unless they believe that would put them in a better position to compete for the title next season. And unless DH resigns and Kobe heals quickly, that does not have a snowball chance in hell.

      RaptorsAnalyst wrote: View Post
      How to get Carlos Boozer:

      Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, and a second round pick for Carlos Boozer.
      Bargnani + pieces for Boozer may be interesting to the Bulls but I don't think the pieces the Bulls are interested in will be a bad lengthy contract such as Landry Fields.

      I am not a fan of Boozer at all and hope the Raptors won't pursue him.

      RaptorsAnalyst wrote: View Post
      How to get Josh Smith:
      Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, Amir Johnson, JL3, Quincy Acy, and second round pick for Josh Smith and Devin Harris.[/QUOTE]
      I think the Hawks would let Josh Smith walk away for nothing than to accept that deal. Cap flexibility is better than taking on two bad contracts, Amir, and two end of roster players.

      RaptorsAnalyst wrote: View Post
      How do you guys feel about the Raptors off-season? Do you think we can get any of these player? Maybe even hit the jackpot and get Josh Smith?
      Josh Smith wants a max contract and I believe he isn't close to being worth it. Getting him, if it means having another max contract, is not my idea of hitting the jackpot.


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        Apollo wrote: View Post
        Why the fascination with Boozer? He's a bad defender, he cant stay healthy and the mileage is getting up there. Not to mention his price tag.
        Hes done a pretty good job staying healthy recently last 2 years? hes certainly no Andrew Bynum. His playstyle is just very appealing and what the Raps need down low imo hes a bruiser battles for every board pretty big skillset to score, though a bad 1on1 defender he knows his team D which is more important for a big to know.

        Josh smith stays healthy young can run could fit the team but I dont see Raps landing him at all. Also he has attitude problems as well as being a complete knucklehead at times.

        Pau Gasol's style of play is good and could bring the team a lot of savvy and leadership but Im afraid of his healthy issues.


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          Only one I'd really want is Pau, I'd also take Boozer though, cuz seriously if bulls knock offering Boozer how can we say no?


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            RaptorsAnalyst wrote: View Post
            The Raptors have ended their season with some optimism for next season with a great young core filled with potential. The upcoming off-season should be an interesting one for the Raptors as they will need to get rid of Andrea Bargnani and add depth to the team. Amir Johnson has been great this season for the Raptors, he gives the team energy and hustle. Although I think he is a good starting PF, I still think we can improve the PF position by adding someone such as Pau Gasol, Carlos Boozer, or Josh Smith...

            How to get Pau Gasol:

            Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, and Quincy Acy for Pau Gasol and Jodie Meeks.

            In this trade the Lakers get a stretch four in Bargs which would help D'antoni's system, and two young role players in Fields and Acy. The Lakers have had a bad bench for a while and this trade would help them. For the Raptors we get an inside presence and all star in Pau Gasol. Gasol can help JV in his growth as a player and help the team inprove. Jodie Meeks will help the Raptors 3-point shooting improve.

            How to get Carlos Boozer:

            Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, and a second round pick for Carlos Boozer.

            In this trade the Bulls would receive a stretch four to space the floor for the shooters on the Bulls, and Fields who could be a complimentary piece off the bench. The Bulls could use the pick to add more depth to the team. The Raptors on the other hand get a very solid PF. Although Boozer is starting to show signs of aging, he could still help this team in the post just as he is with the Bulls.

            How to get Josh Smith:

            Andrea Bargnani, Landry Fields, Amir Johnson, JL3, Quincy Acy, and second round pick for Josh Smith and Devin Harris.

            In this trade the Hawks get a two starting PF's to replace Josh Smith in Bargs and Johnson. They also get Fields, JL3, and Acy to help with their bench production. The pick could be use for team depth or in another trade. The Raptors get an all star in Josh Smith. If we could hit jackpot and get Josh Smith on our team, were definitely top 5 in the East. Derozan, Gay, and Smith could be the start of Lob City North! Devin Harris gives us a dependable back up PG that could help distribute the ball. This trade would have to be a sign & trade because Josh Smith is a unrestricted free agent.

            How do you guys feel about the Raptors off-season? Do you think we can get any of these player? Maybe even hit the jackpot and get Josh Smith?
            I think you are mistaking LF for an asset. He makes everyone of these trades worse for the team taking him on. Given that AB is already a negative (or at best, a question mark) ... we will likely need to include a positive to make these deals work (or at least not include another negative). As much as it pains me .. LF is the most untradeable player on our team .. we might as well get used to having him around.


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              1. Keep colangelo and casey one more year.

              sink or swim for these two. i can see tim lieweke give them enough respect to give them a chance at least til the allstar break or trade deadline. despite his f-ups colangelo has amassed, IN THEORY, a nice long athletic team that has the capabilities to be good on both sides of the ball. I think they can be better then the average but still lack another level. Colangelo HAS TO make the right moves now that hes under a microscope and its up to casey to draw the best talent and effort from what hes provided or else its time to hang em high...

              2. Deal with the Bargnani/Fields/Klieza contracts

              As much of a bargs supporter as ive been in the past, im done hoping the effort and talent will finally shine through at the same time. The writing is on the wall. A change of scenery is DEFINITELY good for both parties. Bargnani is worth nothing right now. His poor play and injury prowess are killing his value so its hard to get a read on what we REALISTICALLY can obtain for him.

              Same can be said for Fields. His contract is just too much for services rendered.

              Klieza is the amnesty case if you cant find a taker for a second rounder or a bag of pucks or something.

              Best case scenario is we free ourselves of all three of them. Now, how to deal these crappy contracts?! This is why i support Colangelo and his ability to turn nothing into something. Recent interviews with Lieweke seem to hint now that MLSE is fully on board the winning train, i assume money might be easier to come by and it wouldnt surprise me in the least if we go over the cap. its time to make colangelo earn his pay and get deals done. If im Lieweke, im listening to every call colangelo makes until these contracts are off our books. Put up or shut up Bryan.


              What Im thinking:

              Lakers prolly were and still are our best trade partners. I propose this trade:

              To Lakers:

              To Raptors:
              *possibly throw in Meeks

              Trade breakdown:


              1 year of Gasol is easier to stomach then 2 years of Boozer or what ridiculous price J-Smoove will get on the open market.

              Its addition by subtraction with the bargs/fields contracts.

              Lakers like this because:
              With Pau gone they instantly fix the distraction and sign Dwight back up to an extension. They dramatically get younger for the future but still stay in the hunt with a starting lineup of lowry/bryant/world peace/bargnani/howard with fields and ross filling in quite nicely from the bench. Offense still flows through the kobe system and bargnani can spread the floor and shoot without worrying about defense, with Howard backing him up. i think lowry n bargs will flourish playing with kobe and dwight. Lowry didnt always follow casey but he will follow kobe!

              Toronto likes this because:
              Yes, losing lowry hurts and losing Ross hurts more. But you cant expect to get quality for free. We shed BOTH bargs and fields, a probable extension with lowry and are left with only one year of Gasol, who i think could do a lot for Big Val. We also get a high IQ distributor, although fragile PG in Nash. Nash will be much better at facilitating opportunities for the wings and push the ball like we should be doing with athletes like gay/derozan. Starters:

              4.FREE AGENCY

              Names i like:

              But the best fits for the raps:

              JJ HICKSON - 3 yrs (6.5/7.5/8.5) mil/year
              Breakout year and consistent rebounding and scoring(dunking). Hes only 24. Taj gibson-esque contract.

              OJ MAYO - 2yrs (5/5) mil/year or 3yrs (4/4/6 team option) mil/year
              potential 6th man and the missing creativity off the bench, can handle the ball with the second unit at time relieving lucas and letting play off the ball to open up his shot


              Approx team salary: 79 mil

              Focus on aquiring a young passing PG and a backup wing. Casey has an overall young athletic rotation, with a above average rebounding and hustle upfront (JV/johnson/hickson), consistent go-to scoring on the wings (gay/derozan/mayo), and veteran leadership (nash/gasol). After the season, gasol's 19 mil is off the books and were under the cap.

              PLAN B

              Suck it up and amnesty bargs and go straight for hickson and mayo.


              Pros: no bargs, keep young talent, lower team salary

              Cons: no veteran leadership, minimal playoff experience, fields' contract still on the books, same problems as last years team.



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                swingman wrote: View Post
                There's no outcome where a deal to trade Bargnani for Ilyasova is possible, is there?
                Of those three I'd prefer Pau, but no way he stays.
                Was thinking the same thing. If we could get Ilyasova here I'd be happy.
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                  swingman wrote: View Post
                  There's no outcome where a deal to trade Bargnani for Ilyasova is possible, is there?
                  Of those three I'd prefer Pau, but no way he stays.
                  isaacthompson wrote: View Post
                  Was thinking the same thing. If we could get Ilyasova here I'd be happy.
                  If only. I've been hoping for this basically all season, since the first rumors of Milwaukee shopping Ilyasova came out after his slow start to the season. Then he became pretty much their most consistent player from something like January onward. I still think it might be a possibility, but so slim that it's basically about the same as the Raps chances at getting a top 3 pick.

                  And of these 3, I'd also prefer Pau. I don't want Boozer for 2 years. It has nothing to do with contract. It simply has to do with how I see him fitting with the team, and how much I want the team to move on at the PF position and stock it properly. Smith is not worth a max deal, which is what he's seeking. His skill-set would be a nice addition, but I don't know about his personality and contract, not to mention what assets it may cost in a sign and trade.

                  I still hope for Scola, who I think brings almost as high quality a game as Pau or Boozer, but is much more affordable, and demands a slightly smaller role than those guys. Perfect fit if the team wants a veteran PF who compliments both JV and Amir quite well. I don't know what it would cost, but I would definitely see if PHX is interested in Bargs. They are very obviously in tank mode for at least another year. This puts Bargs in play I think. I hate Beasley like the plague, but I might even be willing to take him off their hands in such a deal.


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                    When looking the options to trade Bargnani, I can only see a few type of teams willing to take him on. 1) Teams that believe in him still based on success with similar players (Dallas with Dirk, Phoenix with Channing Frye), 2) Teams that are a complete mess and are simply trying to shorten deals (Orlando, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Charlotte), and 3) Teams that simply don't care and are willing to try anything (Brooklyn).

                    Of these team options, I propose:
                    Trade Bargnani for Al Harrington. Orlando has a massive trade exception from the Dwight Howard defection, so we could trade Bargnani there without worrying about matching salaries. Orlando could literally dump any player on us (other than Hedo) and I would take this deal. To me, Harrington makes the most sense. He possesses a similar skill set to Bargnani, so Orlando is obviously willing to use the stretch 4 and with Bargnani as a younger option who could regain his form (don't laugh, it is possible).

                    For Raps, Harrington would be a viable option off the bench and his deal is only $6.7M per year, so he is only owed half the cash.

                    For Orlando, it isn't a huge gamble, since Bargnani's deal is expiring at the same time as some of their others, it would pair up with Jameer Nelson's and Glen Davis' expiries, giving them $25 million coming off the books at once (with Hedo's $11 million coming off the previous year). By then, Orlando will have added some good prospects in 2 years worth of drafts, and will have a much better idea of what to target in Free Agency.

                    The deal I proposed a couple of months ago (to Washington for Okafor) is likely off the table. With Washington playing well down the stretch, I don't see them willing to take Bargnani, but it would still be my prefered move.

                    The Harrington deal gives us a current roster composed of:

                    I would not re-sign Anderson or Pietrus but would give Telfair consideration. He is a good contingency as he is the polar opposite of JL3, which would give the team options coming off the bench for style of play.

                    Sadly, with the team's current contracts and lack of 1st round pick, there isn't a lot of flexibility. If Telfair comes back, that puts the roster at 13. The final 2 roster spots are going to be either veterans on minimum deals or undrafted free agents. If you could move JL3 or Kleiza for a 2nd round pick (either this or next year), I'd do it and take a chance on someone (it doesn't really matter who at this point - but for the sake of giving names French SFs Livio Jean-Charles [7'2" wing-span on 6'9" frame], Jordan Aboudou - super athletic, or PG Myck Kabongo). If the pick is in 2014, then I'd go for a high quality guy like PG Aaron Craft of Ohio or similar pedigree guy.

                    For me, Casey stays. He deserves another year (well part of it at least). With the roster being in constant flux, he needs a chance to sit down with all of the major players, and get the system in place. I believe that he can get the defence up to an elite level with the players currently on this team, but this is the year it has to happen (or at least demonstrate substantial improvement trending towards elite).

                    All in all, not a huge amount of change, but to me that is the right thing. We need some continuity to allow the team to gel. Getting rid of Bargnani is the biggest and only move that needs to happen, then trust on developing.
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