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    Some pretty good posts in this thread so far. Thanks, fellas.

    This season was a giant leap.. sideways. BC threw the "baby steps" approach out the window, used up all our flexibility and upgraded the team. Except the upgrade was so marginal that we are now looking at an extended run as 7-11 seeds.

    Of course the wins were fools gold; we're not going to be an elite team any time soon. But that doesn't preclude us making the playoffs with a similar roster next year.

    I'm still riding the DC bandwagon. I posted my thoughts in the "Head Coach" thread.

    Biggest need: Tough to argue the 3 shooting, back up PG and back up big suggestions, but I'll go a slightly different direction. Our biggest team need is cohesiveness & chemistry. I think Rudy, Landy, and Demar, although sub-par 3 shooters now, could take steps forward if they were getting good looks, in the rhythm of the offense and stepping into them with confidence (like the long 2s we saw Demar hit this year). It's a matter of trusting each other, making the right decisions instantaneously, and playing together long enough to know where to expect a player to be. It's about the coaching staff building these guys up to that level.

    Andrea: Also posted my thoughts in another thread. I cant see us getting much back. I continue to think the Hayes/Jimmer deal is the best realistic idea out there. I'm starting to resign to the fact that he's nearly immovable and will be back next year.

    Rudy: Extension? Hefty? Let's get a few wins first. Wouldn't it be better to clean the cupboards, miss the playoffs for another 3-5 years, get a few top 5 picks and the move forward?

    Shot of keeping pick: What a silly question. A bit a research would provide an exact percentage figure.

    Jackson: Does anyting about our team strike you as "zen" or suggest our guys could handle the triangle?

    Album: Ready to Die (shoutout to BC!)


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      1. The biggest need, for me at least, is an elite, young, dynamic perimeter player to pair with Jonas. Granted, I have no idea how they get that guy. Yeah, they need 3-pt shooting, a backup PG and another big to run with Amir/JV but those are all ancillary pieces that won't make a big difference.

      2. Addition by subtraction. But, with Colangelo at the helm, the politics and optics of amnestying Bargs can't be overlooked, along with the financial implications. I still think he gets traded for..... someone. Every contract in the NBA can be moved.

      3. Extending Gay right now is so absolutely insane that it doesn't even merit discussion. After what is going to happen the next couple years, I imagine he will come at a big discount to his current contract anyway.

      4. Who cares.

      5. It seems unlikely. If he does, I can see him taking on an informal role as a Wayne Embry type guy in the short term. If he likes what he sees, then maybe for 2014 he takes a more formal role.

      6. "Road to Nowhere" - Talking Heads. "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - The Smiths. Really, just any Morrissey song/album works for pretty much any Raptors season. (Man, I dated myself there....)


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        slaw wrote: View Post
        .... "Road to Nowhere" - Talking Heads....(Man, I dated myself there....)
        Maybe more to the point, "Burning Down the House" - Talking Heads.


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          I wouldnt be surprised if Raps sign Ed Davis back really wouldn't I know its the playoffs but Grizzlies arent playing him at all. It was all to release Gay Davis isnt in their future plans at all.

          JV/Ed/Amir ...seriously cause it did work pretty impressively throughout the season, it was Bargnani being there that F'd it up. Acy goes back to being 4th string If Raps sign Carl Landry he can play the stretch 4 and be pretty much Amir 2.0.