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    isaacthompson wrote: View Post
    Drive and kick would really help this corner-3 problem...Lowry's ability to penetrate could solve a little bit of it.

    Too many times I've seen Rudy dribble into that 15-20 foot range and then just jack up a stupid shot. I went to one of the last games of the season, when they played the Bulls. I swear he must've done it 6-8 times. Same thing with DeMar.

    They definitely have the athletic ability to drive more efficiently and get deeper into the defense IMO. Position Ross in the corner, and a lot more opportunities can be created.
    Yes DeMar and Rudy are athletic but that alone does not get you deeper into the defence. You need a quick first-step and a strong handle. Only after those two points does athleticism help. Rudy routinely tries to extend over the D with his length and DeMar attempts to jump over D with very little body control at the moment. This also attributes to the corner 3. Since Rudy and DeMar rarely cleanly beat their man off the dribble the help D doesn't hedge as hard which leaves the corner shooter with less time. All knit picking I'll admit, but they are crucial for an offence to utilize drive-and-kick efficiently while avoiding deadly turnovers while driving.
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      white men can't jump wrote: View Post
      Call me crazy but I think there is some chance that Miami would consider this.
      I would rather have DeMar at this point but I don't think Miami would consider this. They can rest Wade all season and save his knees for the playoffs if they wanted, where I believe, he's much more valuable than DeMar would be on that team. Would love to be a fly on the wall for that GM convo though.
      There's math, and everything else is debatable.



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        Actually, as a fan? To make me happy, my 'if' would be if The GM (whether it's Colangelo or someone else) would call a presser, walk up to the microphone and said something like this in front of the cameras for the fans:

        "For the last 4 years, we've basically try to play our fans like fools. We come out and said we have a plan when we clearly don't. We have talked about building a foundation on young talent, yet we've tried to overpay for a 39 yr old injury prone point guard because he has a Canadian passport. We drafted a guy who clearly wasn't up for the task of being a number one and stuck with him way to long to satisfy egos, and then threw him under the bus when it wasn't working. We've had our in-house color commentator say that our latest acquisition was better than our old all-star power forward because he had the benefit of playing with Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph instead of Andrea Bargnani and Hedo Turkoglu. We've given exclusive access to reporters to our methods both to spread our 'genius' and our message. We've blamed all our woes because either 'Chris Bosh lied to us' or 'No one wants to play in Canada'. We've overpaid role players and we've let go of other players that have thrived in the NBA. We've let the narrative that Golden State tanked to get guys like Stephen Curry and Harrison Barnes really screwed us, totally ignoring the fact we could have had Klay Thompson, Larry Sanders, Jrue Holliday or Ty Lawson. The dirty secret about our organization, aside from our terrible drafting record, is that we've hired coaches that are either atrocious, way in over their heads or undermined by our GMs. Well, that all stops now. No more buzz word like "building" and "changing the culture". No more will your hear out commentators have to go on the radio and defend our mistakes by saying things like "We can't replace the GM because there are certain nuances that a incoming GM has to know about running a Canadian team" and "This is only year 4 of the rebuilding process". No more will we focus on frivolous things like "We need a back up point guard" when the likes of Derek Fisher, Norris Cole and DJ Augustin fill these roles on successful teams. No more will we get certain writers kicked off covering us because they said mean things. No more holding on and coddling players because we want them to feel comfortable. No more excuses. Going forward, we're going to act like we're a first class organization. We're going to invite constructive criticism. We're not going to worry about how we look in the press and brag about how other organizations think we're doing the right thing. We're not going to hire someone on name value, because no one can pick Sam Presti or RC Buford out of a lineup. We going to spend money wisely and we're going to only go ahead and pay guys when they have earned it. We have a long way to go to get to where we want to be, but I believe we can get there. This city deserves this, these fans deserve it and the players that have stuck with us deserve it too. Now, this is the last time you'll hear from me, because really, the GM shouldn't be the face of this team, it should be our star players. I should be far too busy to give a lot of interviews or to be the face of anything. Hopefully, the next time you see me, I'll be nodding my head as I watch my owner hold up the Larry O'Brien trophy"

        (OK, rant over)
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          What if....

          Demar + Lowry for Chris Paul? (S&T)

          The Baltic Beast is unstoppable!


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            -Casey is replaced.
            -A proven PF, preferably Millsap, is acquired.
            -A solid back up or even starting PG is acquired.
            -Unrealistic but another Gay caliber player, preferably at SG, is added.
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              Now that i know BC won't have an opportunity to screw us over i'll bring up this thread again


              -Casey is replaced with someone who knows how to run a team
              -Bargs and Kleiza are traded/amnestied/GONE
              -a low post (scorer, rebounder, defender) is brought in
              -Ross gets coached up/utilized properly