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Greg Oden. Anyone?

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    If Oden is looking for a young, up-and-coming team, where he wouldn't need to be relied upon to be the #1 C who logs heavy minutes, then Toronto could be a good fit for him. Playing behind Valanciunas, ideally as the 4th big (VJ, starting PF, Amir, Oden), would allow Oden to make an impact in limited minutes. I just wouldn't want to invest heavily in him (non-guaranteed contract beyond first season?), given his injury history.

    - I don't see them willing to invest in such a risk/reward type player, considering they already have Valanciunas and likely Gray (player option) at C, and are so far over the cap already.
    - would likely take more money than he's worth, since he'll probably be contacted by several young teams and several contenders, all looking for cheap bang-for-your-buck

    - if he's going to be a role player, he'll likely look for either the biggest offer (ie: bidding war) or a contender (ie: Miami/OKC/etc..)

    - doubtful that either side has much interest


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      TheGloveinRapsUniform wrote: View Post
      Could be. But the big difference tho is Roy came back after a year, Oden's been on the mend for 3 years.
      Pretty sure he had major surgery just a little over a year ago.
      This from Wikipedia -

      Wikipedia wrote:
      -On December 9, 2011, the Trail Blazers announced that Oden had suffered an unspecified "setback" that left them less optimistic about his ability to play in the 2011–2012 season.

      -On February 3, 2012, Oden underwent arthroscopic surgery on his right knee.

      -On February 20, 2012, Oden was scheduled for a procedure on his left knee similar to the procedure he underwent 17 days earlier. However, during the operation, further damage to the articular cartilage was discovered, and Oden underwent his third micro-fracture surgery.
      While its not uncommon to come back from a single Arthroscopic or Micro-fracture surgery, albeit usually at a fraction of the player, Oden would be coming back from his third Micro-fracture surgery and his fifth total on his knee. That's pretty much unheard of.

      While I wish the guy ALL the luck in the world, I'd rather pay a 41 year old Shaq to come out of retirement, as he's probably got a better chance of actually playing some games (I exaggerate clearly, but you get my point. Lol)
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        I would go with Gray over Oden. Aaron is a consistent player, almost never injured. We know what we are getting. Durability is undervalued in the NBA. As an example, DeRozan will likely playing years after Curry's ankles have given out on him.


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          It would take me one positive medical report for me to go with Oden over Gray. Gray isn't even in the same universe, let alone ballpark when you start talking talent. Oden is a risk worth taking if he's coming cheap. If he wants something ludicrous like the MLE then no thank you.

          Fully wrote: View Post
          Is there a reason you think the Raptors would have to "overpay" him?
          "Overpay" is all perception, but pay more than other teams isn't: Miami or Toronto? Championships or mediocrity?

          I'm not sure what the poster was thinking but if it was along the lines of the Raptors having to out spend everybody else then I think he was on the right track.


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            6 years after being drafted and the incredibly unfortunate circumstances in which he has hardly played at all, I associate Oden and the Raptors roster in 2013-14 with the words "whim and prayer."


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              What was the name of this thread last year?