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Alan Anderson: Bring Him Back?

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    Who the hell asked you to explain yourself? lol. It's a forum. Threads are made.

    I don't want AA here either.


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      A need a tank season, so we can grab one of the prized players coming draft night.

      let AA shot 20 shots a game and if it happens that he catches on fire in 1 out of 4 games he usually does, just bench him


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        You got to admit he went Kobe a few times this year. And thats pretty cool but he tried to do it to often, and it's part Casey's fault for logging him all those minutes while T-Ross sat on the bench but it's also part ownerships fault too for not giving Casey too many options as our bench was pretty damn thin; Anderson, Fields, John Lucas, Telfaire, Acy and Gray while the rest were all fuckin injured.

        But since the season was shit and it was all for nothing, I would have definitely rather watched Ross develop than Anderson jack up every shot that comes his way.
        You come at the King, you best not miss.


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          No. Feel-good story indeed. But he doesn't understand his role, leading to him over-extending and over-contributing.
          Welp, that sucked.


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            Matt52 wrote: View Post
            If Casey is coaching, no.

            He is a good minimum 3rd stringer.
            Exactly. I was going to say yes bring him back in a diminished role.


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              I wouldn't mind seeing him come back if the mandate for next year remains playoffs or bust. He's a high character guy, pretty good defender, and he bailed the Raptors out of plenty of games last season. Ideally he's not going to be putting up the number of shots he did last year on a good team, but I think part of that was born out of how bad the rest of the second unit was for most of last season. If the rest of the bench is shored up this offseason then I think he could provide decent depth on the wing.

              I know everyone gets up in arms that he "stole" minutes away from Ross, but a lot of that blame should be pointed at Ross too. He made it pretty easy by stinking the place out for two straight months during the back half of the season.


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                He doesn't, so I will: PASS
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                  we have too many wings as it is, his roster spot should go to a big.


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                    ceez wrote: View Post
                    I have a feeling AA is going to get paid way more than he's worth by some dumb team (please god don't let it be us)
                    With the basketball related restraining order put out against BC, I think it's safe to say that won't happen here.
                    There's math, and everything else is debatable.