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  • Addressing PG

    I believe with a New GM, we need to address our PG position, I personally don't think Kyle Lowry is a long term solution for the team, given his poor play under Coach Casey and his lack of ability of attacking the rim since the Rudy Gay trade. There are handfuls of PG (FAs or signing FAs) who might work it out for the Raptors.

    1st Tier PG

    1) John Wall
    --> I know it will take more than half of our starting lineup to acquire this guy. Wall is the PG of Bargnani, injury-prone PG who has yet to prove himself that he's worth the No1 pick. Personally, I dont think Wall is a good fit for the Wizards, Wall is an attack the basket type of player and the Wizards don't have the PF to run alongside Wall for his quickness. Nene is too slow and he's more of a defensive big along with Okafor. I think getting Wall to run the Raptors sounds better than Lowry (a defensive minded PG under Casey).
    --> A trade involves Bargs + Lowry + future 1st rounder + Cash for Wall works but will the Wizards pull the trigger or will we take a bad contract back, or perhaps have to give them one of DeRozan or Ross

    2) Ty Lawson
    --> Just like Wall, Lawson will demand playing time and he just signed a new contract with the Nuggets. Lawson is a an important piece of the Nuggets, however with two years missing in the conference finals, the Nuggets need a major overhaul for the team, perhaps a change of scenery for the young dynamic PG
    ---> A trade involves Ross + Amir + future 1st rounder for Lawson works but I'm afraid the Nuggets will demand either Jonas or DeRozan for Lawson

    3) Isaiah Thomas/T.Evans
    --> On some given nights, Thomas looks like the future PG for the franchise beside T.Evans and some nights, Evans wins the game. Either Thomas or Evans would do wonders for the team, one is a 60th pick who turned out stellar for the Kings and the other, a former high pick of the draft but diminished his skills in his sophomore year.
    --> A trade involves Bargnani + Lowry possibly would net us one of Thomas and Evans.

    4) Grevais Vazquez
    ---> If the Hornets end up with Trey Burke, they will for sure be willing to deal Vazquez to another team. The Hornets will want to run with Burke/Rivers/Roberts which makes Vazquez expendable. Vazquez has proven to the league that he's a decent PG who can dish 17ppg and 10+apg on any given nights. Just like P.George, Vazguez is under looked and should win the Most Improved Player award.
    ---> Possibly Barg + Lowry + Ross for Vazquez + Ryan Anderson?

    2nd Tier PG

    1) Jose Calderon
    ---> I would love to see him in Raptors uniform again, we don't have the right chip to give away to the Pistons but perhaps a MLE signing would work for the Spanish PG. I personally would love to see Calderon as opposed to Lowry distributing the rock to DeRozan-Gay-Amir-Val on any given nights. So sad to see him gay
    --> MLE or whatever money we have left signing for Calderon works

    2) Mo Will
    ---> At this stage of his career, he would be of great veteran presence as a backup for Lowry. Mo Will, a once established PG for the Cavs behind Lebron James, has lost some favors for the Jazz. Perhaps, as a backup PG for the Raptors can rejuvenate his career. When Lowry gets injured, we have Mo Will, so nothing to worry about.
    ---> A trade involves Bargs + Fields for Mo Will + fillers works

    3) Shaun Livingston
    ---> A decent career backup PG who the Raptors should look at, an underrated player who barely played due to injuries, he's slowly getting back on the NBA grid as an established PG. I would say MLE should be enough to acquire this guy
    ---> MLE works

    3rd Stringer PG

    1) John Lucas III
    ---> He's proven he's a qualified 3rd stringer PG, wouldn't be surprised the Raptors resign this guy to a 2 years contract (that is if we keep Casey as our head coach)

    2) Bobby Brown
    ---> A D-league PG who's lighting up in the Euro-league, friend with DeMar and Rudy. Bobby Brown could be had and play as a 3rd stringer PG

    3) Pablo Prigioni
    --> Played well for the Knicks in the playoff, a career backup to third stringer PG. Prigioni is an interesting player at his age and possibly be had by the Raptors in the summer

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        I agree that Kyle Lowry is not the long term solution. Maybe Chris Paul will sign for the veteran's minimum.


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          If we get John Wall this summer, I will personally send everyone on this forum a cheque for $1,000,000.
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            isaacthompson wrote: View Post
            If we get John Wall this summer, I will personally send everyone on this forum a cheque for $1,000,000.
            And every single one of those cheques will bounce...?


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              And every single one of those cheques will bounce...?
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                Thanks to Heinz this all i think of when i see a Tftw thread... then i burst out laughing
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                  Oh my god this is genius! Why didn't anyone else think of this? hahahaha shiiiiiit man wtf
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                    PLEASE JUST SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. please


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                      God I love these threads


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