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CNNSI: Raptors Trade Outlook

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  • CNNSI: Raptors Trade Outlook

    With this year's trade deadline coming up next Thursday, Sports Illustrated did a team by team outlook about the prospects of trades that could happen.

    Here's what they said about us. This one is hilarious:

    Houston would do a Tracy McGrady-for-Bosh/Calderon deal tomorrow and might even be willing to sweeten the deal with Aaron Brooks.
    Source - Click here

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    I'd do that deal in a heartbeat... NOT!


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      Do we really have to send Jose?

      I thought we were gonna try and package him to Orlando to reunite the retard cousins and thier sparkling play off resume of 3-19.


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        I just lost some respect for SI.


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          lol "houston would do this deal in a second" hahahahahaha of course they would


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            I like the "sweeten" especially. Thats like asking if we want the baton greased before it gets shovedup.

            Some of these pundits are media whores for GMs who float their wet dreams not so much for what is actually written (like here in SI) but to setup the real target.


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              hahaha I'm sure they would do that deal! Here's a deal of my own!

              How about it Houston? Sound good?


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                How about they throw in Yao Ming to "sweeten" this "sour" deal.
                RR OG


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                  Doc Naismith,

                  You should post the rest of the comment, before you get all these overzealous Raptors fans racing for a defibrillator.

                  "But sources insist that over the last few months the Raptors have gone from probable sellers to buyers on the trade market. Toronto has been looking for help at shooting guard and has been asking around about some bruising front-line help to back up finesse big men Bosh and Andrea Bargnani. As for Bosh, GM Bryan Colangelo's message hasn't changed: Bosh is not available."

                  Settle down everyone, this isn't even a rumour just some guy talking.


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                    Deadallus wrote: View Post
                    Settle down everyone, this isn't even a rumour just some guy talking.
                    I thought that is exactly what rumours were

                    Anyway, I think the what is at the bottom of our incredulous reaction to this nonsense is the overarching tendency of US media types to view the Raptors as some sort of farm-team development system, that other teams get to pick and choose from at our detriment. And hey, you know what, given our history (esp. the Babcock trade), it isn't entirely baseless. I have a feeling that is the definitive reason MLSE pursued BC in the first place. He's got the swagger, balls and business savvy to change this perception of our organization.


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                      SI reporting...

                      In related news Dallas is willing to trade their mascot "Mavs Man", for Andrea Bargnani, Jose Calderon and a first round pick. SI has reported Dallas "would do this deal tomorrow", and will be willing to throw in Mark Cuban's maid and a years subscription to HD Net to sweeten the deal...


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                        IF SI just wants to print crap - I'll do it for less than Chris Mannix - And I'll put more effort into it!

                        That was baseless - Yes Houston will trade an expiring deal for Bosh & Calderon. Or any other team's all-star and starting PG. But who is this team that dumps their all-star? And No Bobcock doesn't get to make these decisions anymore - lol wonder why?

                        That was beyond bad - 2 minutes I'll never get back! lol
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                          what freaking stupid thing to say..... "Houston would do a blah blah blah and sweeten the deal with Aaron F***ing Brooks"


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                            I think that guy forgot we changed gm, Bab cock is not our gm anymore!
                            Take out the salami and cheese MAMA, this ball gameeeeee is OVERRRR!


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                              I liked Scott Carefoot's response to this:

                              "I would also agree to make sweet, sweet love to Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model Brooklyn Decker tomorrow and I might even be willing to sweeten the deal by taking her out to dinner first."

                              I think that says it all.
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