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Rebuild or Re-tool?

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  • Rebuild or Re-tool?

    If you're Ujiri what would you do? do a complete rebuild? keep only JV. Move everybody else and tank for Wiggins?

    Or re-tool? add some veteran players, hopefully find a PF, and take your chances in the playoffs?

    I think this current Raps team could sneak in in the 7th-8th spot in the East next season. If they add an all-star caliber PF like an Al Jefferson i think they could go deep a lot like the Pacers this year.

    If they do a complete rebuild, and finish with the worst or 2nd worst record in the league. There's no guarantee that they're going to get Wiggins or Parker. So doing that i think is a huge risk.

    What would you do?

    Btw, still shaking my head that the Raps could have had Lillard or Barnes or Beal in last year's draft but instead got Ross. Last year was the year where they should've tanked. All of them knew that 11-12 season was a lottery season. But thanks to Dwane Casey and his 'culture change' they missed out on all those great players in the draft.

    This is another reason why i hate Casey. Not a very smart coach. Not thinking long term.
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