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Fired: Alvin Williams

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    Another thought that came to mind this evening that sort of applies to this situation.

    Does anyone remember anything at all leaked about Denver trades with Ujiri in charge? **Forget the Melo-Drama... that was a shit show with all NY media in a frenzy** Specifically, from my recollection, the Nene-McGee trade came out of nowhere and Denver's involvement with the LAL-ORL-PHI aka Howard/Bynum deal came out of nowhere as well.

    I'd hate to be a grunt with that type of secrecy around the decision makers.


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      psrs1 wrote: View Post
      I like that reference 'reporter'.

      I am trying to be upfront and honest about my disdain for this 'reporters' work.


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        MU On His Scouting Changes:

        One of the things I do is that I don’t restrict people to regional scouting and so it cuts my staff down. Some teams do it where they’d hire regional guys and guys in different areas and I’m a little bit different. I want whoever I have seeing everything. So when we go into a room and we have a discussion, everyone is very honest and has a strong opinion because you’ve seen the player or seen the prospect.

        So the staff is going to shrink a little bit in those situations… It’s unfortunate that there has to be changes and fewer opportunities in terms of scouting positions, but a smaller staff is how I want to go.


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          Marz wrote: View Post
          I like his approach. I could never understand how scouts could argue for 'their guy' relative to other prospects that they hadn't seen first-hand. I much prefer scouts who have an all-encompassing view of all prospects, whether for drafts or trading purposes. Sorry Alvin.