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ESPN Insider: Wade's in Bosh's Ear

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  • ESPN Insider: Wade's in Bosh's Ear

    Keep flappin' them gums Wade .... Bosh isn't listening nor are most of us Raptors fans.

    This is via ESPN Insider tonight:

    Sam Alipour at the All-Star Game

    "Need further proof that D-Wade isn't going anywhere? Sources tell me that Wade has been actively wooing potential free agents this weekend, selling them on the Heat. We'll spill one bean: A source says the resourceful All-Star has been in the ear of East teammate Chris Bosh about coming to Miami this summer, if he's not traded to the Heat by the 18th, of course. Another source says Wade hasn't had a similar discussion with Amare Stoudemire, who's all but guaranteed to opt out of his contract this summer if he's not traded by the deadline. The source provided one possible explanation: most everyone, the All-Star participants included, believes Stoudemire will be dealt before the deadline."
    Source - Click here

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    Maybe CB can "woo" Wade to come to T DOT?!

    As long as the Dinos are competitive in the playoffs, Bosh ain't going nowhere.


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      Chris Bosh already traded to the heat.. when u guys look at my thread :P

      Seriously... i hate reports/news that starts off with "A source says..." or "Some people say..." or "A good friend of **free agent name insert* say..."

      Tell us their freakin name!


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        Wade wants to play with Bosh? No Problem!



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          hahah Bosh's interview on Saturday is sooo funny!

          Reporter:who do you think plays the most video games on your team?

          Bosh: Demar Derozen, because he is only 17, and thats about all he does!

          Take out the salami and cheese MAMA, this ball gameeeeee is OVERRRR!


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            ok, if they really have any desire of playing together somebody is going to have to bite the bullet and leave and btw, if bosh wants to be the #1 guy and wade does and they both want alll the money they feel they can get.

            they cant play together accept during the all star break and olympics.
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