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    Brandon wrote:
    Alright, let's look at the numbers.

    In 4 complete seasons, Derozan has done this:

    Average Hollinger numbers: 13.8 career PER. Hollinger measures production. As a shooting guard, you've got to produce. Shooting guards should have a high PER.

    Bad Dean Oliver numbers: In 9700 minutes, Derozan has 12.7 win shares. By comparison, Michael Jeffrey Jordan had 14.0 win shares in 3100 minutes as a rook. OK, not fair to compare the potential all-star Derozan to the GOAT Jordan, right? Orlando Woolridge had 9.0 win shares in 2800 minutes on that same Bulls team in MJ's rookie season.

    Space-time continuum-shatteringly bad Dave Berri numbers: Average shooting guard has a WP48 of .099. Derozan's career WP48: .027. Two seasons ago, Derozan had a negative WP48: -.030 -- in other words, Derozan not only failed to contribute any victories, but actually contributed losses instead. He might as well have been playing for the other team. His reward for this disastrous season was...a 4 year contract extension in which his salary was also increased 287% of his final rookie contract year -- and the headlining act at the Wishful Thinking Festival.

    Beyond that, Derozan's playing time has contributed to a joke of a team that loses about two games for every one it wins.

    He's failed to improve. In fact, he seems to be getting worse with more playing time and increased responsibility. That's a sure sign that too much is being asked of a guy. That's why I say he's a back-end player. With fewer minutes, the speed of the game would be less confusing for him. He could direct the action more and play less on the margins.


    Who, for instance? You almost always see what the guy can do after only two seasons regardless of age. Athleticism matters a lot in the NBA, and that begins to wane by age 27. It's at a peak long before that, even as a teenager, which is why teens do so well in basketball and tennis, for example.
    Beats the hell out of me.

    I'm too indifferent on the matter now. No one can offer anything other than "hope" and "potential" in these never ending DeRozan debates.... and most of them never even rely on his biggest weakness: defense.

    For the record, I am in full agreement with your comments.... except I wouldn't put DD as a back end rotational player on a successful team. That is a touch too harsh for me.... but maybe I'm just a DeRozan homer at heart. lol Although maybe relative to his contract next based on his prior 3 seasons, you are right and maybe not harsh enough.


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      I'm not where Brandon is yet. I still think Derozan's got this year to show us what he's made of. However, I do think odds are he shows us pretty much the same thing he did last year. I'm sure there will be a few games that people will be able to point to say he's improved in some area or another.

      I gave Bargs five years before I started playing the "he is what he is card" and based on his work ethic Derozan deserves the same treatment from me. All that said, I'm happy to see him moved for value contracts/picks.
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