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SI's draft needs assessment - Raptors

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  • SI's draft needs assessment - Raptors

    Not a lot of info, but fairly legit since we currently have zero picks.
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    Axel wrote: View Post
    Toronto Raptors | First-round pick: None

    Needs: Four or five amnesty clauses
    That's hilarious. but sadly so true


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      Interesting that he says 4 or 5 amnesty clauses, but then talks about building around DeRozan and Gay. If neither of those two are bad deals (according to the author), who else are you gonna get rid of, beyond Fields and Bargs?


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          Klieza and Gray.

          Doesn't mean Gay and DD aren't bad deals, but at this point what else we got ? As much upside Val has, you can't base your whole franchise on 1 rookie.


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            I found this SI article much more interesting, on random trade possibilities. Not really saying anything definite, but a nice reminder of who might be available depending on the direction certain teams want to go in. Clearly a lot of uncertainty given how weak this draft is and how strong the next projects to be.


            Some snippets

            While attention in Philadelphia is focused on the future of free-agent center Andrew Bynum, none of his rivals would be surprised if Hinkie used this week to begin a shakeup. Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes would be the Philadelphia veterans who would draw the most interest, depending on Hinkie's yet-to-be-defined preferences.

            Phoenix center Marcin Gortat enters next season with an expiring contract, which is going to increase his value in a potential trade. Veteran power forward Luis Scola will be far more valuable to a contender than he is with this rebuilding team. If the Suns want to move off the rookie contract of point guard Kendall Marshall, now will be the time to do so.

            Rivers' former team will be gauging the market value of Paul Pierce and Rajon Rondo, among others, as Celtics president Danny Ainge decides whether to break up his team's longstanding rotation sooner than later. Pierce could be bought out for $5 million by the end of the month, or they could trade his full upcoming salary of $15.3 million for lesser picks and/or a trade exception that would enable them to participate in a sign-and-trade in July.
            They briefly mention Toronto
            Consider the assets available to Raptors GM Masai Ujiri, who could seek to move one or more of his new team's core: Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan, Andrea Bargnani and Amir Johnson.
            Pretty much as expected. Though obviously this is just to say that any of these guys could be moved, even though Bargnani is probably the only one who's guaranteed to be gone by next season.

            I was surprised by the Philly stuff. I suppose if the new GM decides to tank, he could easily decide to trade anybody, even Holiday. Probably very unlikely, but who knows....If the guy wants more picks, and high picks, moving Holiday would be the best course of action. They'd become much worse, and Holiday brings in a good haul likely including a pick or two. If the Raps don't expect to be a lottery team next year, Holiday is one player I'd trade for in a heartbeat. Lowry, a 1st and 2nd rder as a starting point?


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              Trade Fields.


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                Rapstor4Life wrote: View Post
                Trade Fields.
                That'll really shake the foundations. Our 10th best player making 6.5. Wonder what we'll get??
                It's Klaw Season. Time to hunt.


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                  KeonClark wrote: View Post
                  That'll really shake the foundations. Our 10th best player making 6.5. Wonder what we'll get??
                  John Salmons


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                    feet85 wrote: View Post
                    John Salmons
                    And a 2nd rd pick, SOLD!