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Raptors interested in Brandan Wright

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    I'd keep Gray around as a big body, but Brandan would be a great third big behind Amir and Jonas! That would be a really great big man rotation, with Novak, Fields and Gray in the mix for special cases.

    Though I'm still hoping Camby plays, if he can stay health, he will definitely help JV and AJ on and off the court. Plus, with the weird "Marcus Bamby" treatment he got when he was traded away for Oakley, I think Toronto fans owe the dude some respect, retiring a Raptor would give the opportunity to do that. He wants to be on a contender? Well, as far as the East goes, that's basically Miami, so given that Miami is unlikely, the team just has to convince him that with him, Lowry, Gay and Amir and co, Toronto has as much chance as anyone to at least win a playoff round or two.

    If Camby plays, then probably no room for Wright.


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      Camby is being traded, most likely to as contender. If we can grab him, use cAmby and keliza as chips towards a young pg were set.

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