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    Mediumcore wrote: View Post
    I'm kind of surprised that several people are saying he has reached his ceiling considering he's only been in the league 3 seasons and is already averaging 16 and 10 (almost). It's definitely not his ceiling but if it was that still pretty damn good. He also averages a steal a game. I'd take him over Drummond any day of the week.
    I put Monroe in the same category as DD.

    He has been a primary option for 1-2 years and has had a lot of minutes.

    Unless his career is the exception what you are seeing now is what you get. I would imagine with another primary scorer, he could increase his FG% and maybe get to 19/20 and 10/11 but that is hardly a big stretch.


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      Letter N wrote: View Post
      There are like 5 legit centres in the league, having 2 and the luxury to trade one for.........oh I don't know, let's say James Harden if the opportunity presented itself is not the worst thing in the world.
      This is what most people including BC do not understand. Pick the best man on the board even if it limits the minutes for JV or screws with your current win %. No one thought Monroe and Drummond will work. picking big men could go bust but it is definitely worth it every time.

      Harden playing for us........