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Pau Gasol & the future of the Raptors

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    Why would he retire at his age?..I think I remember him saying he wanted to finish his career in China or something like a few years ago, I never took it seriously..
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      Dino4life wrote: View Post
      Kobe is gonna take the pay cut, he just said he's gonna enter negotiations with that mindset.

      The guy is obsessed with Jordan, he desperatly wants his 6th ring and will do whatever it takes. he was suppose to retire but when he saw how close Tim Duncan came to get a 5th ring he freaked out and said he's staying 3 or 4 more years. Also one of the reasons Dwight left.

      If taking a cut gets him closer to a ring he'll do it.
      When Kobe says he's not going to take a paycut, you bet your life he's not going to take a paycut. If the Lakers can't afford to keep him and bring in someone else, then he won't be part of the Laker future. Simple is that.
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