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    Craiger wrote: View Post
    Well I'm not going to get into a huge debate over this. But I will say posting raw numbers, then labelling it with very subjective 'tie/advantage/slight advantage, isn't going to convince me as to which players 'better' and therefore which team was 'better'.

    Knicks just came off a finals appearance, had a better record than Toronto that year while suffering significant injuries , and had alot more experience going into the playoffs while making it the EC finals. I think that should sum up who was the 'better' team. But thas just me.

    McGrady started all three games, playing 37 minutes a game. (2nd most minutes played other than Vince). I don't think there was a problem there.
    I do not think that I am being subjective. I would like to hear your opinion, position by position, who do you think has the advantage. Numbers aside. While I can agree that NY was slightly better at C-PF as well as PG position, there is no question that we were better at F-G position. Especially because they had no back up for Houston and Sprewell. And do not throw numbers in my face because in this series particularity, both Carter and McGrady were not put in a position to succeed by bad coaching.

    Also, I would like you to tell me ONE Toronto team that was better than the one that played NY in 2001 playoff. The team we had next season, which beat those same Knicks did not have potential to be great. It was great coaching that got us into the second round.

    Finally, I am not talking about who started in the playoffs but who started throwout the season. Christie had no place starting at the point in order to open up starting spot for McGrady. Trying to keep them both happy made them both unhappy and both leaving. I know he could have kept one of them, which would have made a huge difference.