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    When TimL came on he promised to make the Raptors Canada's team. Wondering if this will translate into a better tv package that is accessible to those without all sports channels.. and maybe to our younger generation who don't subscribe to satellite or cable feeds. Will we end up with an NBA TV package that doesn't black out all of the Raptors games? Will NBA TV be available on Apple TV?

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    Short answer: No

    Long answer: Tim L and every single person in the Raptors organization gets their pay cheques from Rogers and Bell. Rogers and Bell make a large portion of their money from selling TV packages that include the TSN 2's and the Sportsnet 1's, channels that fall outside the basic package, especially if ordered in HD. With things like Netflix, Apple TV and PVR, cable providers are feeling the pinch in every area except for the one program that can't be PVR'ed or downloaded.......sports. Blackouts are here to stay because blackouts are the only thing keeping cable TV relevant and Tim L and everyone else at MLSE couldn't change that.