Hi guys,

I am new to posting threads, but I have however been a fan of this website and is probably the first thing I go to (after worldstar ofcourse). Anyways, really looking forward to the season and I will be posting quite frequently so get used to me.

I just wanted to bring across and promote my NPO which is to help youth violence in the GTA. I would love to get some feedback from you guys about my tournament which was held in June. Our goal is to help youth with more resources to become positive individuals in our society. We use basketball as a diversion and it has been very succesful in the past. I got to meet Jay Triano, yeah I know not a big accomplishment but he did help me with a lot of drills and stuff like that.

He also talked a lot of smack about Antoine Wright and how he used to come drunk to practices haha.

Anyways here is the link to my tournament highlight reel, please give me feedback. We will be holding another one in mid November, let me know if you want to put in a team. Thanks guys!