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Wearing Derozan's HS jersey to a game?

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  • Wearing Derozan's HS jersey to a game?

    I have a Derozan Compton jersey from when he played in high school and am thinking of wearing it to the season opener but I have a feeling it would be kind of weird wearing it to the game since I've never seen anyone wearing a player's HS jersey to their NBA game. Just wanted to know what you guys think.

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    go ahead people walk in with lebron jersey and knick fitits dont worry, you wont be out of place
    demar representing<3 ok
    What they got to say now? Nothing they can say now. Mobbin' on the low. Winnin' on the low
    The city embraced me, made me feel at home. The only difference [between Compton and Toronto] for me is the cold. -DeMar
    No Where Near the South Side #WeTheNorth


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      I fully support the wearing of HS jerseys to games. Represent man!

      PS Where did you get that jersey?!


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        Yeah, I say wear it. You're supporting the home team while also telling the world you're a keen shopper

        Back in Carter's heyday, I always wanted to wear his UNC jersey to a game. But on a student's budget, I could barely afford toothpaste, let alone a powder blue wife beater....


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          *googles "DeMar's HS jersey for sale"*