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  • The last roster spot....

    I heard a quote about Buycks being better than any of the late 1st/early 2nd round picks this year. I was thinking about the similarities between drafting a guy and (in the absence of a pick) simply bringing someone in. I've often heard the term "Picking talent over need" when it comes to the draft. That got me wondering. Many of us have been wondering why there was no backup centre brought into camp. Many of our new guys, and the guys trying out fit into the "Under the radar/past injury/had a bad season for some reason and may flourish here." category. Does it make sense, if there are no high quality centres floating about at a good price, to simply pick talent over need in that case? Does it make more sense to acquire a few guys who may, later in the season, have a higher trade value than a bargain fill in 3rd centre? If we end up with some redundant players, who are playing well, do we get a better trade (say for a decent backup C) if we grab up a bunch of quality talent now, and trade later? Could this be part of the master-plan, or are we just looking to have a team full of guards and undersized 4's?

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    The Raps now has a GM who seems to be capable of correctly valuing talent. Talent can always be traded for talent. Situations arise. It is not that unusual for a team to lose a starting PG and then need someone better than a D league fill in to play backup when their backup moves into a starters role. As long as you have a talent surplus, you have the ability to make things happen and fill needs.


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      Rudy'll probably get it