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    charlz wrote: View Post
    It's unlikely but if he knew he could not live up to the contract being offered by BC why not take a stab at a ring in LA LA and not SH*T were you retire.

    Nash will be gold in Canada for the rest of his life... however had he taken that contract and further frustrated Raptor fans there would be a Canadian contingent that would resent him.
    He signed in LA because besides a chance at a championship, he's got an interest in the film industry. He's good friends with Ron Howard (Happy Days, Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, Rush).

    And nobody would of resented him here regardless of anything, unless he murders his whole family or something. His status as a Canadian sports icon is solidified.
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      The one thing I will say about Hibbert though is that I'm not sure if BC would have drafted him, BC would have probably drafted Alexis Ajinca because I seem to remember him being very high on him at the time.