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One Power Forward Away from Contending

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    Rapstor4Life wrote: View Post
    Kevin Love is also a whiny bitch.
    A double double machine bitch..... yes please.


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      golden wrote: View Post
      If the T-Wolves don't become contenders this year, my guess would be that Love is going to Houston or wherever Lebron ends up, assuming he leaves the Heat. Love and Dwight in the same front court would be unbelievable.

      IMO, there is not enough room in Texas, let alone Houston, for Dwight to share the frontcourt with a guy like Love. And no need either.


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        Why do you need a power forward? He would never get the ball anyway. There is no intention on this team with this game plan to get the big men involved offensively. Tyler had some offense about him at Indiana but once in awhile there they would post him up and actually look for him. Here it is get out of the way, go clear across the floor from the ball, and stay out of the way and don't even think about a jump shot or a drive to the basket from the free throw line. Not a lot different with JV or Amir either. I am glad I cancelled League Pass. Saw tonight's Pacer game locally living here in Indiana. (P.S. I bet Tyler does not shoot nearly as many free throws as he did last year. Wonder why?)


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          tenforthewin wrote: View Post
          After the Raptors VS Heat Game, all i can summarize is the fact that DeRozan, Gay, and Valanciunas look like the players to move forward with, all these three players can contribute significant minutes for the Raptors. I was wondering if we can acquire another PF in the near future or this year so we can have a team going forward. Personally, I would like Ujiri to target his fellow draftee: Kenneth Faried, don't know what Denver wants from us and let's hope none of the players mentioned above are traded for Faried. We can also go after LaMarcus Aldridge, he seems like a interesting player.
          I would love Aldridge in a Raptors uniform...