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Kyle Lowry actually said this AFTER the Rockets game

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    JawsGT wrote: View Post
    Coach has to go, but I think MU rolls with Casey this season as I don't think he really cares about how this season pans out, it will just determine his direction. It's becoming clear that DD and Gay have to go, I don't mind Lowry at this point and think he wouldn't be terrible to extend as I doubt he gets much, if any, more than he is currently getting, plus I think he would work better in a system that doesn't have the ball stop with the wings. Plus, a $6-8mil PG isn't bad off the bench if a better option presents itself down the road.
    Lowry would be fine in the right system. He's a (much) less talented Westbrook/Iriving/Parker kind of PG, which other teams have shown can be plenty successful.

    Gay + DD are too much. I wouldn't mind keeping DD, but he'll need a strong coach who clearly defines DD's roles and the shots he's allowed to take. The unconditional green light those two have been given is absolutely insane. I can't emphasize that enough - it's crazy, man. LeBron James is already commenting on it on national sports broadcasts. Think about that. Why is the number of shots being taken by certain players on a crappy Raptors team coming up in conversation with the league's best player during one of his post-game scrums? This is just as embarrassing as having Bargs tagged as the franchise guy.
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      akashsingh wrote: View Post
      lowry is best when he hogs the ball, and shoots the 3 or drives into the paint, and makes the surprising pass, or passing it when the defensive attention is focused on him. I don't understand why everyone here is bitching that he isn't calderon. I really liked what I saw from lowry in the second half, and hope he continues to play this way. Otherwise we are going to get jack shit for him in a trade.
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