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"Re-signing Chris Bosh is not enough"

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  • "Re-signing Chris Bosh is not enough"

    This post by Arsenalist got me thinking, and since I'd rather not sift through all the comments i decided to see what people on the forum think.

    For me i think even if Bosh stays, and the core is unchanged, we are still mediocre. We have Jack, Derozan, Turk, Bosh, and Bargs as our 1-5. That line-up (if Bosh re-signs) will be locked up for 4-5 years. I dont know about you guys, but that team just looks "Okay", its nothing special and its 100% not championship calibar.

    Looking at the team Jack is (for his sallary and production) a good piece. He attacks the basket, a suprisingly good shooter and has a great attitude.
    The jury is still out on Derozan, he's young so there is no need to throw him under the bus yet. I think we can all agree he has a lot of talent and he has a chance to be a special player.
    Bargs looks great. He is being paid market value (or even below market value). Hes a guy who can drop 20 on any given night, will block shots, hit 3s, and grabs 6-7 boards. I'll take that from my starting center.
    Bosh is the franchise. flat out, plain and simple. The guy is playing possessed right now. He's crashing the boards and dropping points. I think he has closed the argument of "Is he a franchise guy?"

    Now on to Turk.... What can i say.. hes overpaid, overrated, and to me it just doesnt look like he cares. Sure he'll make a few nice passes and hit a 3 once in awhile but he was brought in to be Robin and so far he hasnt met the expectations.
    I for one, knew what we were getting with Turk. I was expecting 12-5-5 stat line and so far he is meeting those standards. The problem with him is that he is shooting 40% from the field and 37% from 3 (i honestly thought that number was lower before i checked it out)

    If you take out Turk from the team right now, i dont think you lose much. They would be right around the same record, minus a catchphrase.

    The bench looks solid as of now. Hopefully Amir gets re-signed, Weems has been playing great, Wright has picked up his game, Rasho!!! plays good in limited minutes, and Calderon is making it all fit. Belli has been a bit of a let down, but he still has potential.

    i think if we lose Bosh i say we blow it up. If he re-signs we still need to make a move to upgrade the team. We all know (hopefully BC realizes it too) that Turk is the problem with the team. When we get a legit SF, thats when we will be contenders, untill then only mediocrity.

    What do you guys think?

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    I think DD is the x-factor. If he can become a perennial "near all-star" it'll solidify the starting line-up.

    Plus, if Bargs continues playing up to his potential (as he's been doing) and if Turk and the coaches can figure out he is best utilized, it'll further improve the quality of our starting unit.

    Finally, giving this team/line-up this season and next season to play together to develop the necessary cohesivness ingrained in every championship caliber team, it'll make this team that much better.

    If all of these factors come together like the alignment of the planets, I think this core group of starters (along with a core group of subs: Jose, Amir, Weems, Wright, Evans, Rasho, Beli) could be able to compete for a title within the next 2-3 years.
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      Bosh is our only hope, plain and simple. Now isn't the time to rebuild, we don't have stockpiled draft picks and no expiring contracts really and the pieces we do have are hard to trade or near impossible to get fair value back. With this core we should be one of the elite in the East, depending on what happens with LeBron, Wade, Amare, Johnson, Boozer, etc. Right now it's too soon to tell.
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        If the Raptors want to win a championship they need to go the route of the Spurs because I don't see any teams giving them sweetheart deals like the Lakers seem to get. If the Raptors want to win a ring then they need to start draft on a level like this:

        Manu Ginobili, drafted 57th overall.
        Tony Parker, drafted 28th overall.
        George Hill, drafted 26th overall.
        Dejuan Blair, drafted 37th overall.

        This is the key to winning rings in Canada. Draft good players. I know the current mentality is to draft projects late in the draft but the Spurs rarely do this. They draft guys who typically are dubbed as able to play now but may not have the upside/athletic ability as higher profile candidates.
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          i think i'd honestly rather have gone after ariza, artest, and marion rather than turkoglu. but, the thing is we got some nice pieces by making that turkoglu trade.

          so, turkoglu himself has been a dissapointment and makes me never want that trade to have ever happened.

          but, orlando, we could now probably beat them. and the pieces we got were nice. i think turkoglu is our only weakness.

          but, i think right now he'll step up his play, but, down the road a couple years i dont know. hopefully, derozan can evolve into a g/f more and help in relief of turkoglu at sf.

          i mthink we can get some monetum and carry that throughout the playoffs to who knows maybe even the eastern conference finals.
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            I pretty much agree with the OP on all fronts. Save for a few games, Turk has played like hot garbage. The thing is, i'm not ready to completely write him off yet. The team is winning. That should be the bottom line. Id rather wait to see what how the playoffs unfold before writing him off as a bad addition. Its easy to say somebody else would have been a better fit, but ever since the infamous team meeting, the raps have been playing top-notch ball.


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              Wait's wait and see

              I agree with some of the other posts on here about Turk. History shows with this guy needs time to find his place. He took a couple of seasons to really fit in with the magic, so I don't think we can really be too surprised when he didn't instantly mesh here. Let's see how the playoffs go before he is crowned the worst player ever.

              Also in regards to the thought we should have kept Marion or gone after Ariza/Artest. The rumours were that Marion made it clear he did not want to be here, and ariza was BC's first option but after he went to Houston he had to move on. And had BC not been able to get Ariza via sign and trade like he got Turk and had just signed him outright, that means there would be no Jack, Belli, Wright because of cap issues.

              All of that to say lets see how the season plays out, and maybe Turk is a playoff guy. Or if nothing else, BC can spend the full mid level on a wing this offseason and the raps will be that much better next year


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                Blow it up? Why?

                Honestly, the team has been rebuilding for years now. Finally a solid core - a real team with real team players - is locked up for 4 years. The mid-level in the off season, the growth of Bargnani and Derozan, expiring contracts next season - the raptors are in a good place to seriously develop now. Give it time. Atlanta, Orlando, Portland, these teams got better each year keeping a core and building around it.

                Losing Bosh would deflate the growth for sure, but there is some definite potential, something I wouldn't want to see lost before it really matures.


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                  I would have to say that if Bosh & AB can co-exist, then maybe a move of Hedo if he can't get his act together, is all we need going forward...

                  I'm actually looking at Derozan becoming a Corey maggetti (in his prime) type player which would be awsome for this team!!!

                  I like having the 2 headed monster point guard situation.
                  Waiting for DeRozan to windmill dunk in a game!


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                    I'm hoping for DeMar to become a more intelligent player than Corey Maggette but if he can get to the line like Corey can then that would be great from an offensive standpoint. If DeMar truly wants to impact this team his best bet is to focus on becoming a lock down defender.


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                      Deanialist wrote: View Post
                      I would have to say that if Bosh & AB can co-exist, then maybe a move of Hedo if he can't get his act together, is all we need going forward...
                      Ive got to think this was the factor that sold BC on Turk. We needed an upgrade on the wing, a facilitator, but not a player who commands a lot of shots because of CB's 16.6 FGA/G and AB's 14.1 FGA/G. This was Hedo's reputation around the league, so i can see why the decision was made. Chris and Andrea are efficient scorers so it would only hamper the team to take looks away from them.


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                        I also think Derozan is pretty much the key in having the Raptors become elite. Three things:

                        2)Ball Handling
                        3)Outside game

                        If Derozan develops skills in those three areas, the Raptors will be upper echelon.


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                          Teams don't get to the Finals, with some rare exceptions, unless they can play better than average defense. I would guess that majority of the teams that get to the Finals are among the top 10 teams in defense.

                          So it seems to me that the questions becomes.

                          Do the Raptors as currently made up have the players and the coaching to become a good if not very good defensive team?

                          At this point I am not convinced that they can.
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                            I think if DeRozan fulfills his potential and becomes an All-Star caliber player (likely at least two seasons away from that) then the Raps can become a 50-55 win team.

                            I don't think this squad becomes a contender ... but then again, I didn't expect the Raps to be as good as they have been this season. I'm stunned at how well they've played over the past two months or so.


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                              If it were my choice, I'd vote for radical change

                              (1) Keep Bosh and DeRozan
                              (2) Move Bargnani and Turkoglu
                              (3) Anyone else is on the table