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What Is Going On With Amir Johnson?

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    consmap wrote: View Post
    So... after the last game I think Amir's energy is back.
    This was definitely his best game in a while. When he went out early in the third quarter, all of a sudden Wall started making layups and a couple of jumpers. I am not sure why, whether it was Lowry or not enough help. According to 82 Games, during the first 11 games of the season, Hansbrough had only played with the starters 21 minutes, so there may have been chemistry problems on defense. The team only scored 15 points on offense, too, missing a lot of shots.

    In fact, whereas Johnson has played nearly all his minutes with the starters or with Fields in place of Valanciunas, Hansbrough had not played with the same guys, other than the starters, for more than 12 minutes. That gives you an idea how unstable Coach Casey's rotations have been. That weird group with Augustin, Ross, Novak, and Johnson together in the fourth quarter seemed like a desperation strategy that somehow panned out.


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      when we had our daughter i acted like a zombie for the first year or so


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        CalgaryRapsFan wrote: View Post
        1. Frustrated with watching Gay/DeRozan become ISO-centric chuckers.
        2. Frustrated with a PG who can't run a P&R (he misses the chemistry he had with Calderon).
        3. Confusion about whether he's a traditional down-low banger PF or a floor-spreading summer-3 shooting new-wave PF.
        4. Frustrated that years of doing the dirty work aren't appreciated, while inefficient chuckers get DC's glory.
        5. Frustrated with DC's small-ball approach and his inconsistent playing time.
        6. Frustrated at losing minutes to Hansborough.
        I disagree. Kyle Lowry is quite good at P&R. Its not that he can't run it (he was a pick n roll maestro in the game against washington) its that Dwane Casey insists on running stupid ISO plays. All these comments about Lowry not passing and not being able to run an offense is childish at best. He's probably one of our best players so far and he does a tremendous job at getting people involved. Once the ball gets in Rudy's hands it usually ends up in a turn over or a bad shot, how is that Lowry's fault?


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          Both Lowry and Johnson had great games last night. The whole team was energetic and involved,,,it was great to see and I hope its a sign of things to come.


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            JawsGT wrote: View Post
            I too get a sense of complacency from him. I hope its not because he is being shopped. I would say it's likely because he is losing interest in working as hard when he has little to do with the offence other than setting screens and shooting an occasional 3. Both him and JV must be getting frustrated, they seem to be less involved than last year.
            I was just thinking that comments lately have been about both JV and Amir seeming a little less involved and intent on the game. Frustration could be part of it. Maybe they both get together and talk about their lack of touches and the brickfest after each game. And then get even more detached

            Maybe it is just a coincidence that their frustration levels seem to be rising at the same time.