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The case for Josh Smith

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    JawsGT wrote: View Post
    Glad to hear Detroit fans speak so highly of Monroe. Bringing in Smith and Jennings was a bonehead move IMO.
    Not many Detroit fans thought it was a good one (the only ones that did think BLOCKS AND DUNKS are the chief ingredient for more wins). I would've much rather us drafted Burke or MCW and tried to go after Iguodala myself, but Kentavious Caldwell Pope looks like he could be a plus defender on the wings and hopefully develop his 3 pt shot. Either way, the Smith signing was horrible, and everyone knows it. There is a reason Atlanta didn't even make an effort to re-sign him.

    If you could swindle Monroe away and be able to keep Derozan and Valanciunas in the process, you'd be 3/5 of the way to your starting lineup of the near AND distant future with many playoff runs in the middle.


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      white men can't jump wrote: View Post
      I would change this to can, and it's a good way to describe the problem with Gay. It's a mental and motor issue. He can play good defence, but he doesn't consistently. On any given night he can inexplicably decide to coast, and play some of the worst D you'll ever see in your life. Bad effort, bad positioning, bad fundamentals (stands up straight and doesn't move feet).
      Fair clarification.