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    I think we've all realized by now that Casey is not the coach for this team, and it's only a matter of time before he gets fired. So, it's time to start looking at the possible replacements, and honestly, there is a really deep pool of coaches out there.

    Possible options: George Karl, Lionel Hollins, Stan Van Gundy and Jeff Van Gundy, Vinny Del Negro, Keith Smart, Doug Collins, Byron Scott, and also Nate McMillan, who's an assistant at Indiana.

    My favourites are definitely Karl, Hollins, or McMillan. I'd be happy with any of those three. Karl could finally bring some offensive identity for this team, Hollins could bring the toughness and defense, and McMillan was great at Portland, and I would love to see him too. Any other names out there? Any favourites or least favourites?

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    Well I heard that masai doesn't want Karl at his age and his cancer problem, whatever, etc.
    About Lionel hollins I don't think that rudy and him won't mesh a second time around
    Finally McMillan I think raps need a coach now and can't afford to wait until the end of the season to pursue him
    I don't like any of the other mentioned names
    I do like any of the van gundy brothers but I don't think they will come
    I don't really see a replacement in sight but I trust Masai

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      Hollins: no. Doesn't "believe" in analytics, which turns him into an old man shouting at the future more often than not, and if we want to make analytic-minded trades he will fuck with them - see what he did to Ed Davis in Memphis (which was, make no mistake, the reason he got fired).

      Karl: no. He's a great offensive coach but a poor defensive one and the latter is more important.

      JVG is happy making millions to be in a much less stressful job. SVG might be available but who knows how much control he'd want.


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        Not only about the replacement by this is what I wanna add:
        Realistically speaking raptors could be 6-14 considering the next few games:
        GSW- probably a loss
        Phoenix- have a chance to lose- let's just say they lose for my argument
        LAL- Kobe Bryant will likely be back and they still might lose
        SAS- western conf. Champs no explanation needed

        They would be be on a 7 game losing streak dating back the BKN game which was a pathetic loss and they lost a game which they shouldve had against Denver. They were always going to lose against miami.

        So with that in mind will that be enough for Masai to pull the trigger. (I think it is) or will he wait till the 15th (3 days after spurs game) to pull of a blockbuster trade

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          What I mean is pull the trigger meaning casey

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            He's not going anywhere, not this season at least. Masai will dispose of him in the offseason by not renewing his contract. Casey is a scapegoat for this garbage ass team. Next year, we'll get a new guy. Book it. As far as the candidates go, anybody would be better.
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              If really like JVG, but as previously said, I don't think he's leaving his current job for a team like this.
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                If we hired Lionel Hollins this team would be a legit 4th seed by playoff's and not a joke of a 4th seed. I think he has that much of an impact on a team.


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                  KazanTheMan wrote: View Post
                  He's not going anywhere, not this season at least.
                  DeRozan is so angry, this simply cannot go on much longer. Ujiri knows that his coach is a laughingstock in the league. The fans are totally fed up. There comes a point when even the GM does not have much choice but to make a move. As it is, he risks ruining the good players he does have.

                  The problem with choosing a coach is that the team does not have an identity, so what kind of coach would fit in this situation? A lot depends on what direction Ujiri decides to go in building the team.


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                    I don't like Karl. I hope people stop making that association just because of Ujiri. As magoon said, he's an offensive coach. He's also often done pretty poorly in the playoffs.

                    Similarly Jeff Van Gundy is too defensive. He's good...but man I always thought his teams played some real ugly ball. I wouldn't be complaining if we were winning under him, but he definitely wouldn't be my preference.

                    Don't really like the list in the OP. I pretty much only like 1 coach on that list.

                    Stan Van Gundy. So damn obvious why. Good at coaching young guys and vets. Great at coaching both ends of the floor. What would it take to get him? Don't know if Toronto could. Obviously they'd have to throw a ton of money at him. I think more importantly they'd need something like a top 3 pick in this draft. If you can offer Van Gundy a ton of money, and the chance to coach a pair of young guys like Wiggins/Parker/Randle and Jonas, then he might just be tempted.

                    There are some guys I don't hate but that I also don't see as likely long-term solutions. Byron Scott and Nate McMillan are guys I'd be ok with, but I'm not sure they're the best guys to get the team over the hump and become elite if the Raptors assemble decent enough talent. Both might though....

                    I'm having a hard time thinking of other guys I'd like. I don't know if Jerry Sloan is planning to stay retired. He has a minor role with Utah right now. Might want to only work for them.

                    Another older coach I might want to try out is Mike Fratello. Thought he was always a great coach stuck in treadmill type situations. Atlanta was pretty good, but the competition in the 80s was just too strong for them. And he didn't have great situations in Cleveland or Memphis. He's always done well with the talent he had. Poor playoffs record, but also hard to judge given what he was working with.

                    I'd also be cool with an unknown coach like an assistant pulled off a bench somewhere. But I have no way to really gauge those guys. And they might end up being short-term options.


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                      Before we get a coach you have to decide what this team is going to be next season. Is it going to rebuild/tank? If so, do you want a crusty old veteran coach that will try to win as opposed to develop the youth? Is a veteran coach going to want to coach a rebuilding team?

                      If the team retools (and I have no idea how you do this with this team), then I could see MLSE/TL spending boats load of money on a named coach. And if that's the case what system do they want to implement? As mentioned above Hollins is anti-analytics. Is that a wise choice? And SVG for all the praises he gets has is own faults too. There could be a reason why Dwight didn't want to play for him anymore (yes I know its Howard but Shaq also didn't like him very much).

                      I personally would be okay with Bayno taking over for this season and seeing how he develops Ross/JV and/or any prospects we get from trading Lowry/Gay/etc. If he does well then I'd extend him for one season and then in 2015-2106 get a named coach as we move towards retooling/contending.

                      But Casey needs to go.. he's just not a good head coach. Hopefully he can remain on as an assistant but not sure how he would take that demotion.


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                        for coaching candidates I like

                        George Karl

                        I'd be okay giving Nick Nurse the go of it for the rest of this season, since we are accidentally tanking pretty well.

                        Stan Van Gundy ain't too shabby

                        Jerry Sloan - I would take him in a heart beat. Won in a small market for nearly two decades.

                        fuck I'd take Sam Mitchell back at this point.
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                          Shaka Smart of VCU famous for Havoc Defense if you wanna pull someone out of the college ranks.

                          Tom Izzo is another interesting guy.
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                            If we fired Casey now, my guess is that Tom Sterner would be interm until the off-season.


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                              I'd target one of the Van Gundy's. Stan would be my first choice.

                              As for college coaches. I'm a big fan of John Calipari. Not sure if he's interested coaching in the NBA again though.
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